First name: RITA
Last name: AMOAKO
Aka: Enchill
Age: 23
Address: 0032
Phone: 2330543186608
On websites: skype, yahoo, LINE
Report:     ? A girl name Rita Amoako claimed that she has dual citizenship from Ghana by her mother and US from her father. Please see attached Ghana voter I.D. and US passport attached. ? Rita request me to add her on Skype on October 7, we correspondent via yahoo group. ? She said she was born in Alma County at Bacon Co Hospital in Colorado USA on September 22nd; 1985.Her mother middle name is Vivian Agyarko from Ghana. ? Her father is Frank Moses from USA, please see attached photo of US passport ? There she went to Alma Elementary school until the age of 7 ? Then she moves with her US citizen parent to leave in Kumasi, Ghana from the age of 7. ? Her father whose pass away 2 years ago gave the family passports for renewal to a Ghanaian man, whose claimed himself as a manager that has been working for 18 years in the US Embassy in Ghana .His name is Mr. Osei Berko Richard. His address is Plot 123 block 222 East legion Accra Tel. +233572898113, ? Mr. Osei came from Accra to Rita family in Kumasi last year shown the family passport and asked for $450 from Rita?s mother for 3 passports renewal fee that he paid out from his pocket and will be collect from Rita?s father but he pass away before. Rita?s mother said she does not have money and don?t know what to do with the passports. ? Rita reaches me with Skype and Yahoo group asking for help to get just her passport and ticket to return to USA to seek for a better job. ? I contacted Mr. Osei few times to settle the fee but I asked for validation of the 3 US passports. Mr. Osei only snapped me with unclear image for Rita?s father whose pass away. ? When I asked for Mr. Osei domain email address and extension number of his office, he was angry with me and asked me to send email to his yahoo address mentioning the word ?scammer?. He said that he was called for a meeting concerning the issue that I sent the inquiry (maybe he knew from Rita because I told her what I did). ? Lately I try to contact Osei pretending that I will sent him the money but never get answer. ? It?s had been 2 weeks that I sent email to US Embassy in Ghana for helping me inquire about the fact of Riata?s story. Due to the heavy loaded of inquiries I just received a reply, Thank you. I also Skype to the Embassy asked if Mr. Osei really working there, but did not get the clear answer YES or NO just the advised to be careful about the scammer and process with precaution. ? I challenge Rita that if she is really a US citizen why don?t she call the embassy herself and ask for help instead of asking from me. ? She said she Skype and got the answer that Mr. Osei is not working there and the Embassy don?t understand why the family?s passport is in Osei hand.I how come Rita?s has Ghana voter I.D. if she is a US citizen(that what she said) ? I had been trying to search for her birth record from all the commercial search engine and website but still have not locate any record of Rita Amoako from Colorado. ? This is the first time I encounter about scammer. Her story is similar to my life and my life story is real. That?s why I want to help her but at the same time I don?t want to become a victim of scammer. I believed from a million peoples that telling lie, at least there is one that telling the truth and I can only HOPE that she is the one. I already inquire about her voter I.D to Ghana Embassy in New York and still waiting for the answer. ? I do understand that you have heavy work load of inquiry to yours office and promise that I will not disturbing you any more kindly help to answer below questions: 1. If the attached image of Rita?s passport is existing and valid. 2. If Mr. Osei Berko Richard working in this office. Her boyfriend Gideon is the one to do the scam, he threaten to post my information and material on internet to make money
Status of report: is still without proof