Scam report about Anna 

First name:  Anna
Aka:  Anechka
Age:  29
Location:  Lviv, Ukraine
On websites:  russian cupid
Report:  Hi, Juan! It?s a pleasure for me to get your letter today. You know I'm getting used to communicate with you and it pleases me so much. How are you doing today? How is your day and what about your mood? Hope you are having a nice day and are in high spirits. Well, I work every day. I love my job very much. I love children. They are so funny while trying to dance, especially in the beginning... I think that dances are very useful for the health, also they help to form beautiful figure. It's especially important for girls, do you agree with me? I like to wake up early in the morning and run barefoot in the dew. I like sweets and ice-cream, it seems to me I will die if somebody will close me in a house without sweets. Oh, I?m joking :) I don't smoke, drink socially, I have never taken drugs. I don't understand people who feel a wish every day to use something to be happy. By the way, do you want to get to know something about my bad sides? Oh, I do not have them as I'm perfect! I?m joking, of course. I must say that I have some features that I want to change, for example, I'm too talkative. I think that you have already noticed that, am I right? Do you want to change something in your character? I'm eager to know about this, if it?s not a secret)) I want to meet you very much and kiss your tender lips, Take care, Anna

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