Scam report about Susana Skriba

First name:  Susana
Last name:  Skriba
Aka:  Janessa Brazil, Belinda Apau, Susana Dwamena, Susana Skriba (Newest)
Age:  34
Location:  Accra, Ghana and North Kaneshie, Ghana
Address:  12th Slantos Road, Accra, Ghana
Phone:  Uses MTN SIM recharge.
On websites: and MANY others
Report:  I have USA Visa copies, Ghana Passport and Driver's License, Medical and Police clearances, over 4,000 Emails and 10+ months of correspondence with Skype chat and PICs. Met her on She starts as a 'catfish' and if you are awake you'll catch on to her style. SHE IS BLACKLISTED UNDER 'JANESSA BRAZIL' AND 'BELINDA APAU'. She is a high-end solo webcam girl that is VERY GOOD at her 'con game'. See the movie 'Cargo' for an idea of her story. Says she is trapped into doing solo webcam 'modeling' in Ghana because after her Father's death she was sent to Ghana with her 'people' and they stole her passport and papers and is not able to get out of that business. Actually the way she presents the story it is somewhat possible in a twisted world. Says she is 'enslaved'... in a world of bad webcam 'stuff' and wants OUT... but needs help because she has little money for personals. She is a VERY CONVINCING woman, physically gorgeous and extremely manipulative. Will NOT ask for money up front but 'falls in love' as a test to see if the man is vulnerable, then she ropes you into the game. Actually like a girlfriend texting morning, noon and night having a 'virtual affair' with this 'lady' was great and believable until the lies began. Then came the 'confession' and how she hated doing what she was doing and needed help getting out of that business to start a new life. She is VERY PATIENT and VERY SMOOTH, grammatically good in her English, translates in German and speaks Portuguese also. GOOGLE and TINEYE any images! Names used are Janessa Brazil (hub name), Belinda Apau, Belinda Cole, Susana Dwamena and most recent is SUSANA SKRIBA. Has EXCEPTIONAL ID's! Validation from US Embassy, US Consulate, Wymoo International Investigations and Ghana Immigration ALL CONFIRMED FRAUD! She uses various Bank images and names. Check the images of the buildings too that she sends because they will confirm photoshop editing! Western Union and MoneyGram have her blocked under MOST names used. EcoBank, Ghana and First Rank Bank are used by her to try to get you to wire funds. Banks here in USA have Ghana blocked for the most part.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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