Scam report about elena dubova

First name:  elena
Last name:  dubova
Age:  29
Location:  yoshkar ola russia
Address:  antsiferovs street 1262 yoshkar ola russia
On websites:
Report:  she left me email on my gmail address asking for friend ship and interducing herself as elena. who worked in computer shop in yoshkar ola . she seemed very nice and i did not suspect anything at first infact she was very nice to speak to . after the fith letter to me she told me that her feelings towards me were getting very strong. she also sent photos of herself witch were very nice . but too good to be true .ie modal type and dressed very well exspensive cloths. . then she told me that she had fallen in love with me ... so alarm bells rang in my head so i did some research .. found out what was average wage was in russia ie shop work . and i priced the cloths up she was wearing ie designer labels . the cost of the cloths were more than a shop workers wage . also the cost of renting an appartment in yoshkar. just did not add up.then she ask me to send 100 dollers for a mobile phone to help her buy one. so she could talk to me and build are relationship. i did not send any money. i also asked her things in my emails but she did not anser them it was as if the emails she sent me were already set out . with bits she would add from time to time. but yet she seemed very con vienceing. i also checked the address she sent me the street excided. but the numbers of the property did not... she asked me to send money by western unoion as she said she did not have bank account witch i found odd . as she was working so how did she get paid// so fellers watch out for this one . as she is very clever and to be honest the photos she sent were gawjuss thats if it was her whitch i dought. but still very tempting..

Status of report:  is still without proof

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