Scam report about Hannah Collins

First name:  Hannah
Last name:  Collins
Age:  32
Location:  Albany New York
On websites:  No strings attached
Report:  Met Hannah on no strings attached . She said her father mother passed away couple years ago She lived in Albany all her life Her father Died about four years ago He owned company And she was on vacation Malaysia Just to sell the stock And she notified me saying that she sold the stock And she wants to get home quicker to see me So she talk to the broker It worked out a deal to get out earlier flight But she couldn't get the money from the stocks She said she was being kicked out of the hotel had no money to Survive . Why became concerned Is because Start emailing back-and-forth For about two weeks She said she was a graduate student As an accountant had a good job Back in New York Started asking where she worked She wouldn't give me the information She said she had a roommate back in New York I've been asking for pictures And she says she does not have a camera She sent me the same picture That's scam page If you have a good job You just sold stock You should have money

Status of report:  is still without proof

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