Scam report about Elena 

First name:  Elena
Age:  ??
Location:  Gryazovets,Russia
On websites:
Report:  Hello latest addition initiated contact through had a profile listed as living in Albuquerque, NM about 6mi from my address, she viewed my profile about 6 or 7 times before actually sending me an email requesting a chat....when the chat started she made it clear that she didn't have a full membership and only had enough time to give me her real email address and we could correspond from there. She stated that her intentions were to find someone that would be serious about a relationship. I wrote her at her email using my personal email address and she sent an email the next day. Even though she didn't state it in her first two letters I could tell that she wasn't any where near New Mexico. At that point having been scammed before and a former member of this site, I asked her where she was, she stated she lived in Gryazovets, Russia. I was amazed but never confronted her, because it was never a live conversation everything was by letters on a one day delay, I asked about 4 times in a letter a piece, to lets chat, talk on the phone before she finally addressed my concern saying that she never stayed at the internet cafe for long and it would cost so much to chat and she didn't have a phone and it would cost for her to have one. Over a period of one month, her conversation talked at me...never right to me and over that month her feelings progressed from general to I cant sleep at night without you love. I have all of her letters and several pictures. Her letters of the last week started on her going to the travel agency to she how much it cost to come and spend her life with me...I then knew she was coming in for the kill.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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