Scam report about DENICE ROUXEL

First name:  DENICE
Last name:  ROUXEL
Age:  30
Location:  Cote ivoire
Report:  first contact at the site lovetime wonen off the 30 years who lived in the town off lyon France she used the name off Denice Rouxel , found out that her photo profil is a fake then she ask my pseudo facebook andwe start to write each other Very rapidly she told me that she at to go to casablanca maroc to buy some goods for her mother store at lyon She told me that she would be back in week After 3 days she wrote me that she at to go to Abijan Cote d'ivoire to buy other stuff, Twoo days later got a message that she got stuck at the airport off abijan because thethe police at the airport ask her to pay export taxes to take the stuff she bought out off the country and that the police took here passport , she at to pay 4500 euros , to get back her passport and be able to return to France , so she ask me to send the money by western union ,so she could pay the fee , Iphone the airport and off course they never at any contact with a personne with that name , i told her that and she send me what was a fake fee reciept off the custom police at the airport ?For the moment she still writing me to get money ,because she is stuck overthere ,and she has no money any more to pay thehotel , she ven as send me a fake ticket reservation for france , offcourse she ask me to send the money to pay it 634 euros

Status of report:  is still without proof

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