SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Tatyana Radzinska

First name: Tatyana
Last name: Radzinska
Aka: Tanya, Tanyusha Savcchuk
Age: 26
Location: Dubno Ukraine
On websites:, Natasha club, dream marriage,, zoosk
Report:     Profile #141408 Tanya Tatiana Radzinska is a scammer from Dubno Ukraine. I had the misfortune of having been put out $2245 by her. She has profiles placed on a large number of different marriage agencies - that in itself a red flag -, all the first international marriage network sites, dream marriage,, and at least 5 others. After I was scammed by her, I retained the services of a private investigator near her home city of Dubno. The private investigators report came out that she lived with her parents in dubno, the dates and places her internal passports were issued, her education history, names of her parents, and her work history. The private investigator contacted some of her previous employers, the last 3 being where she worked as manager in a travel agency, where she was terminated for embezzlement - specifically getting travel tickets for her friends. She has not held employment for a period of time. Specifically in my circumstances, communication was initiated through the email address, which belongs to tanyusha savchuk, a friend of hers who now lives in castrovillari Italy. Her phone contact is 380 63 718 4404. Afterwards, she wanted to communicate through wats app. She said it was her birthday the day following my arrival, but that was a lie - her birthday is August 10 1987, according to the private investigators report, not October 20, 1987. I was suspicious when she would walk into a pharmacy and asked me to pay for her medicine, and then she suggested we go to Italy - and I saw this as a good opportunity to get to know her better. I became very suspicious when she would commute by bus from dubno, and arrive at noon, but she would never invite me to her town - saying there is not much to do there, yet the earliest bus arrives from dubno at 8:30 am, - it turns out she made it a full time job corresponding with men from North America to find new victims. As it turns out, she was asking me to buy more and more expensive items every day, and finally she asked me to give money $1000 to help pay for her fathers medical bills, but I agreed on $500. It had then struck me next morning after spending money at a travel agent, that she was out to scam me, nothing more. To add insult to injury, after I lefty Rivne, I found out she had changed the name on my ticket to that of one of her friends. And I had 1500 hryvnias go missing from my wallet in my time with her, when I left my wallet unattended, but I did not spot it until the next morning. When I arrived back in Kiev, I sought assistance from the embassy of the United States, and they told me such a crime is like not to result in prosecution in Ukraine. I am urging that you immediately remove this person from your site, before she gets more victims! I would be glad to send you a copy of the private investigators report when I return from my convention in Vienna.
Status of report: is still without proof