Scam report about Mariana( Svetlana) Zhaboriuk

First name:  Mariana( Svetlana)
Last name:  Zhaboriuk
Age:  26
Location:  Odessa, Ukraine
Address:  Odessa
Phone:  deleted the old number
On websites:
Report:  This woman is now at the website: as Mariana. But her name is Svetlana Zhaboriuk. She will be 27 years the 26.of Dezember 2013. She is born 26.12.1986 in Odessa. She woul.d in summer only have men from West-Europe, but since she is at your sites as a scammer and at, she try men from Switzerland. She is 165 but now 170 cm. She was 50 kilo, now she is 55,3 kilo.She was an orthodox, no she is non beliver. But look ar the photos and You will see its her. I asked her, arent you Svetlana Zhaboriuk: She answered me in german-

Status of report:  is still without proof

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