Scam report about Tanya Tsymbal

First name:  Tanya
Last name:  Tsymbal
Aka:  Tatiana,Tatyana,Taty,Tanya
Age:  August 23,1983
Location:  Roskoshnoe Villiage,Lugansk region,Ukraine
Address:  Novostroitelnaya Street 56 Zip 92013
Phone:  00380953189330
On websites:  Cherry Blossum,Russian Dating sites..many more
Report:  Dear inquiries!!! Unfortunately like many others I was misled by a sharp speaking lady named Tanya Tsymbal of the Ukraine more than once!!! Originally in early 2008, I was contacted by this particular individual from cherry blossoms dating site and it escalated to correspondence for four years!!! She asked for English lessons, breast implants twice and $ for everything including a passport and many visas to come to the USA to be with me! I was contacted again after not hearing from her for nine months as she claimed she never showed of let me get away so I was convince in helping her with travel to the USA for the last time!!! She and her family has benefited for everything that is being asked and more as she is obviously a professional scammer as false documents of the plane tickets and receipts were falsified continuously after was reported to the federal government! All of her visa's (7) were fake and she always has an excuse not to travel at the last moment as she is very convincing and as done it to me several times foolishly on my part!!! Recently I found out she was married and has children but always talks about how badly she is looking for her special man so please be careful for what I found out through local and federal authorities in the USA!!! She has benefited through thousands of dollars and everyone should be concerned since she is benefiting financially with their families help of mother and sister!!! She will promise you everything with an amount on it but as I found out through bold enforcement, she is been doing this for a long time to many others!!! Please be aware so you are not taken in which he will convince you that she is never benefited from anything that has to surgeries for implants to show that she will do anything to catch your attention and to take your money deviously!!! Originally she was working in a cleaning company and as of December 20, 2013, she apparently is now a babysitter so who knows what to believe as the story always changes!!! I guarantee you 100% that you are going to lose your hard earned money because I did and I want others to be particular aware that this person is financially stable to afford anything do to her activities on various sites!!! Please do not center money from Western Union or MoneyGram as you will find out that these money wiring companies have are listed as they scandalous threat so wiring apparently is being seized!!! Do not try to furnish her with $ any other way because it will be lost forever and the promises given will be broken by her family and herself!!! She carries a tattoo with her husband's name on her hip as you will notice from what I saw recently sold the evidence is obvious!!! Don't be a full like I was!!! She's dangerous and very convincing!!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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