Scam report about Yulia Cherrepanova

First name:  Yulia
Last name:  Cherrepanova
Age:  25 or 27
Location:  Russia Omsk
Report:  I got an e-mail at the 13th of December from a woman called Yulia. She didn?t write her last name first. I send the last mail to her at the 23th of December and got the last one at the 24th of December. She said that she was studying at Medical Academy of Omsk. And she was Strip-Tease dancer for as she said; to survive. And she was going abroad for end her studies. I was suspicious against her almost directly when I got the first mail. I recognize the photo she sends me. I had seen it somewhere; I thought. And for the second when she wrote that she is coming to my country; not the name of the country (Sweden); she never wrote when. She wrote in the first mail that she as ?twenty five years old? and in the second mail that she was ?27 years old?. When she wrote that she should go to Moscow for some Paper and Visa work; then I was quite sure that something should go wrong in Moscow and she would ask for money. And of course it did. She had some unpaid bills for water, gas and electricity; 470USD. She had 100USD so she needs just 370USD. She has to pay those bills; she couldn?t leave the country if she not pays them. I could send the money through Money Gram to her and her Name Yuliya Cherrepanova (I think the last name is wrong spelt; I think it should only be one r in the name). And the address was to the Money Gram office she wrote: Russia, Moscow, Raskova Ulitsa 1, 125040. Of course I didn?t send any money. I was looking after the photos on Internet; because as I said; I recognize them. And I found the photos on Internet. It was from a nude model called: Loreen A; she is a model for example for Met-Art; and it was there I had seen her before.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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