Scam report about sophia asante

First name:  sophia
Last name:  asante
Age:  32
Location:  accura ghana
Address:  po box 1079 accra ghana
Phone:  2332444450053 and 233243973590
Email:  sophia
On websites:  maame parker, giftkomey, hannapretty, dina johson
Report:  She contact me on line made remark that what was important was to amn was sex in bed After 3 months of talk she told me she loved me, that it was killing her that she was not with me. She wanted to come here to the US and live with me and get a job, i though she meant it We talked she he had no money, i gave her are fare money for passport and she said a work visa, that the travel agency faked that she would work at a hotel in NYC. The day before the flight she went to check her bags at the airport, she was told that she needed a $5,000 bank draft to be allowed to leave Ghana for the US becaue she was a first time traveler.??? I got her $2,000 she said she got $she got $3,000 from her uncle?? On the way to the bank with the $5,000 to get the draft, she got attacked in the taxi, left in the street, found buy a good samartian, was taken to the hospital was there for 2 weeks Over our time i gave many dallors for diconnect for internet cell phone which she abused. She said her grandmother let her 70 kilos of gold dust in the Royal bank in accra, i checked with Director who over saw the account, i saw the documents of inhertance, they seemed ligit. This board mer allow her to ship 2kilos of gold so a very good broker fried was will to sell in NYC. The gold shipping cost was $6,5000 which i gave $2000, problem was it got held up in the UK, the customs wanted anoter $5700 for a certifate of origin i was done. The board member at the bank put up $1,400 of hes own money and $3,200 foe the certifcate. none could get the rest.The gold is back in Ghana i lost $2000 there was no refund. What really broke the camel back was, i asked Sophia to send some photos of her. There were time i caught her lieing. The photos were fake, she stole the photos from a famous prostitute who has a website under her name of

Status of report:  is still without proof

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