Scam report about abigail owusua

First name:  abigail
Last name:  owusua
Aka:  Bernice Akins
Age:  28
Location:  Ghana
Email:  abigailowusua500@yahoo. com
On websites:  flirt chat
Report:  I got a message from some woman on flirt chat its an app on the android phones well this person wanted to get to know me better she/he? Sent me an email so I started to chat and she/he? Sent me a pic I looked at the pic and it seemed to good to be true so I looked up the details from the pic and it had no details so that made me start to think I got catfished so I started to search for ways to find people through pics and then I found the site tineye and what do you know it was the same pics that a person is using for scams well I'm glad I'm not stupid I don't trust anyone it helped me out and also tineye is a awesome site thx

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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