Scam report about Kate Morgan

First name:  Kate
Last name:  Morgan
Age:  32
Location:  Accra, Ghana
On websites:  'I want you'
Report:  Contact started from 'I want you' website. Felt strange that someone on this site was looking for a marriage partner as most users are looking for casual sex. Chatted for few days and then started declaring undying love and wanted to come to UK / USA / Europe to 'start a new life' with new partner. When visit to UK was suggested requested money for visa / medical etc. Sent about ?370. Took a few weeks to complete but visa granted and then sent one way ticket to London. Gave up home and job in Ghana to come to UK. Date of birth given as 11.05.81 On day of expected arrival, no show at airport and unable to contact from airport. Had frantic 24 hours until made contact. Excuse was immigration said I needed to prove I had the equivilent of $8,000 dollers as travelling on one way ticket and later sent letter supposedly from Immigration Department to that effect. Continued to chat. Kate has decided to remain in Ghana, has got new job and looking for new accommodation as currently living with friend. Discussing potential visit by me to Ghana later in 2014 but am not convinced of genuineness so want to check out before making any further commitment.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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