Scam report about tatyanna 

First name:  tatyanna
Aka:  tanya,anastasia lazareva
Age:  27
Location:  penza,russia
On websites:  Dating Banner Exchange ,
Report:  Around 4th October 2013 I had a email posted to my personal email address regarding I had been contacted after being a member of a dating site called dating banner exchange were you can initiate contact with other members abroad for free so I logged on to site and checked inbox for message and opened it and had a interest off a female member of this site and she left her personal email address to contact her and she would send me her personal photo,s so I tried to access her profile but couldn,t access it because she deleted it after contacting me so I decided to make contact with her in the first five letters she sent a dozen photo,s then I lost touch with her for two days .after finally getting back in touch again she explained she had problem with internet and said she lost her email adress along with her photo,s and so she sent her new email address to me which I thought was odd but I continued further contact she explained She wanted to visit country I live in for three months said she,s waiting for tourist visa to arrive in next few days ..claimed she worked in district hospital earning $400 dollars amonth we corrasponded daily she always saying you are my prince love you,etc she claimed she had $2000 dollars saved for travel and then claimed to travel to moscow then had problem with customs and asked for my help she claimed that $2000 dollars wasn,t enough for her travel and needed ?400 pounds in English money to be sent to her she said don,t worry I will give you it at airport once I arrive.she requested to send it via western union which foolishly I did.She claimed to have uncle in moscow were she can stay she gave me flight times which I checked and was authentic after checking myself second time around again she went to airport then explained she had another problem with customs she couldn,t travel on single ticket and needed a all round ticket and required further 400 pounds told her she would have to hang for four weeks she was happy to wait she claimed then to have returned back to home city penza continued communication four weeks past sent her foolishy the rest of money she sent new flight times upon meeting her on the day she then claimed she had a problem with embassy and her tourist visa wasn,t valid for her to stay in uk for 3 months and started apoligising and promised to return money back to me through western union a further week went by still reassuring me that she will return money around 26 December 2013 she sent me her final message regarding how,s your Christmas how you spent it etc I replied but never had any further contact from her and started to worry so I decided to do some research on her just out of suspicion and discovered she was a scammer and was using stolen photos and writting the exact same intro letters to other guys she had previously tried to scam or scammed on different sites she had written to myself tried to contact her again but she had deleted her account which now I truly regret.this person is a career scammer because the photo,s date back to 2007 after finding out. the names of the agents she uses to pick up money from was a DMITRIY,IGOREVICH,ANDREEV OR a ROMAN ,VLADIMIROVICH,KIKOT.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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