Scam report about Yulia Pukhteeva

First name:  Yulia
Last name:  Pukhteeva
Aka:  Yulia Cherrepanova
Age:  25/26
Location:  Omsk, Russia; Moscow Russia
Address:  Russia, Moscow, Raskova Ulitsa 1, 125040
Report:  I received an email on December 10th from a woman identifying herself as Yulia. She did not give a last name at the time and listed her age as 26. I suspected she was a scammer from the start as none of the dating sites I use allow ladies to get my contact information without first asking for my approval. The next email she sent she relisted her age as 25. After a few emails she mentioned she worked as a stripper while going to school to be a dentist. She said because she was a top student that she got an internship to study from specialists in America and would becoming here to work and study for 6 months. She mentioned that her pictures were taken by her friend Irina and that they were briefly lovers for about a month before agreeing to just be friends. She did not ask for any money in any of the early emails. She asked for my phone number as she said she wanted to call me but could not as she lost her phone on the bus. She sent 3 emails with pictures before sending four emails with nude pictures. She anbutced on her 7th email's that she would be going to Moscow to prepare for her trip to America. On her 8th email after she arrived in Moscow she told me she was having a problem but did not say about what. She kept saying she felt bad about asking for my help and if I didn't believe her not to curse at her in my reply. In the ninth email she stated that she owed utilities in the amount of $470USD and that she only had $100USD. She said because of a new law that she wouldn't be able to leave until the balance is paid off. She told me she would get paid from her internship after she got to America but that the University could not help her pay off her debt. She said she would be able to pay me backs after a few days in America. She told me I could send the money through Money gram to the office as follows: Yulia Pukhteeva Russia, Moscow, Raskova Ulitsa 1, 125040. I didn't send her anything. I have been contacted by 2 other Russian scammers before and have noticed that they always ask for money after they arrive in Moscow to prepare for the trip to my country.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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