Scam report about Tina marcantel

First name:  Tina
Last name:  marcantel
Age:  35
Location:  Norway Nigeria
Address:  Kvaloysletta 9100 Norge
Email:  tinamarcantel@gmail .com.
On websites:
Report:  I'm not sure about this woman, something doesn't sit right, She told me she was from Stavanger but I found out she lives in Tromso,but I think she also operates from Nigeria Said she ran her own business dealing in machinery for the fabric industry, but can't find anything about her in Tromso At one point she said she needed ?2300 to release a machine from storage, as of today I've transferred ?25k, this by the way is not my money that I'm sending her Her fried transfers money to my account and I forward it to her, but today the bank won't release any more funds deposited in my account because they are 99.9% sure that it's fraud Looks like I've been the receipent in a romance scam

Status of report:  is still without proof

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