SCAM REPORT ABOUT  victoria walt Anderson

First name: victoria
Last name: walt Anderson
Age: 24
Location: Ivory coast
Phone: unknown+2217675599856
On websites: hotmail
Report:     Victoria walt Anderson send a mail to my facebook acc. asking me to send my email address to her because she like me and she want us to know eah other which i did, then i received a mail in my yahoo acc, that she is living in a refugee camp at daka in senegal,(lost all her family) she also said that the father has left 6.5million us dollas so she want me to contact the bank and transfer the money into my own acc.but the conversation is still going on. so today i just decided to do a research about daka refugee camp and i find out that all these are liars.but i have here picture that she send to me in the first mail soiff u want me to forward it to u i can do that.
Status of report: is still without proof