Scam report about tade collins

First name:  tade
Last name:  collins
Age:  28
Location:  nigeria
On websites:
Report:  Darling Moh, How are you doing today? hope everything is going rightly for you? I must confess that i did not really know how to start this mail because i am not sure how you will take this but i will be more than glad if you will understand me very well and trust me. But before anything let me tell you again that i am a very God fearing lady and i will never hurt a good feeling because i am not sure i can live with a conscience that does not judge me well. Hunnie, something is happening to me here that i would have told you before now , but i am not sure if its the best thing to tell you or not but as things are going for me here now, i think it will be the best for me to let you know my mind. but first i will be very hurt if you doubt me in whatever way and i have all the necessary documents here and even my traveling document to prove to you that everything i tell you in this mail is the truth at least if you are a bit curious i will understand because of things that are happening in our world now. I came down to West Africa here for two most important things, 1, To do a research on bird flu so that i can write my book and start a new life. 2, after the death of my Parent,things have not been the same for me . My love, the main reason i am telling you all these is that when i got back to my hotel i told him that i will be leaving soon and that i need to have my bills. when the bill was brought to me, the money i am having with me could not complete the payment and i will still need like 630 USD to make the balance. If you tell me to fuck off and never mail you again, i will surely understand you but i want you to know that all i have told you is nothing but the truth and i will pay you back immediately i am back home if you will accept me i can come first to you so that you will know i am not gonna run away with your money . I hope to hear some good news from you very soon as i am all ready to live here. immediately i make the payment at the hotel here, i will catch the next flight back home via Britishairways. Here is the number in case you want to call me ........+2348164499445 ask Tade collins in room 211 the white lady from United State and i will try to send you the bill, passport and some of my pictures in the hotel so that you can believe you can help me out soon. Till i hear from you cause i am praying that God touched your heart and you make me happy. Stay blessed and safe. bye for now. Your Sad, Tade

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