Scam report about belisima 

First name:  belisima
Age:  33
Location:  Greenwich, Ohio, US
On websites:;
Report:  After seeing her email on her site, I contacted her. Following the initial contact, I received a response which requested I meet her at another site and then suggested two sites on which she said her username was sxyluv33. Please be careful. Both links brought up a virus warning. I decided to pursue it a little further to see what she would say. I told her I could not connect to those sites. This is part of the exchange which followed. (Also, no photos or videos were ever included as she said she sent): Me To Jan 19 at 11:36 AM I haven't found anything of you on the links you sent me. You have n ot responded to any questions I asked. Either send me some real information or quit emailing me. I do not need a web site to see photos. If you want to get to know me, why these stupid games. If not then be honest and tell me what you want me to do. ------------------------------ On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 12:02 AM EST wrote: >Hello Paul , here's another photo just for you :) Did you get my other one? Let me know what you think about it. > >I'm all alone here and fantasizing about some stranger giving it to me hard :) Wish you were here now ... Hit me up through (username: sxyluv33). I'll be online this afternoon/night. > >Also did you like the video I posted yesterday ? I'm going to add a new video later on. > >Talk to you soon. >xxx > > > > > >Re: >hmorvGMO bosyILN oqsSY cgmHJQ cjty floqAHMP ksuFG fY cds jlowFGJK chiBEHQY tI sGQ FHIWX bfqCIWY pwxFQX fk ciJKU DFY > Reply, Reply All or Forward | More To Me Today at 8:40 AM Hellllo Paul, did my previous mails go through and you got the pics I added? I got an empty message back from you? What did you think about my photos? Curious to know. Did you look at my videos yet and the one I added yesterday? :) Also I didn't get your phone number yet :( Hit me up through if you get this please. I added another photo I took yesterday night. Tell me what you would do to me if you were here right now :) xoxo ;) Re: nswyKQ kuvJSX ciqw ejrADZ oAFGO oJM ny adrHOP cemyUV hivY abjpVZ cijkqsE abM qv vxyW ikmqxW ghipBNP fxFKQV eU hAEQSZ etOQRU fhmqrsH nAQW lnpuHLOT qG jknswzBX

Status of report:  is still without proof

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