Scam report about Lyudmila 

First name:  Lyudmila
Age:  31
Location:  Russia
On websites:  ???
Report:  Hello wash the sun Daniel! Today I didn't receive your letter! To me it is very sad! Whether you received my letter? Why you at all don't want to write me? I always wait for your new letters! To me your letters very much warm soul! I will forgive you to write to me as soon as possible! I think of you and I miss! I don't have you! Your girlfriend Lyudmila. Hello my dear friend Daniel! Why you so tell about yourself a little? With me it isn't interesting to you? I would like to recognize you closer, on so many how many you to me you will allow to make it! I will forgive you tell me as it is possible it is more about itself! Only then we already will be able to know better each other. I am really very happy that I received your letter. I want to tell you something about my life and the hobbies. My good color white color is green as it reflects in itself warmth of summer, still I like white and red color, as I often buy and constantly I carry underwear of red color. if it is honest, red color excites me a little As well as all certainly, I like to have a rest outdoors... Besides, I love animals. At my place there is a parrot, his name is Cash, My dear friend Daniel whether there are at you animal houses, and whether in general you love animals? Daniel What music you hear? I prefer to listen, turnips, pop music. recently I started listening to a rap And the club. However the choice of music depends on mood, Agree with it? by the way we today very warm weather, absolutely have no wind, in the winter I I would like to go on fishing if it is honest, I very strongly love fishing. Still I want to tell you concerning dishes, the road Daniel what dishes you you prefer? I like cooking good dishes most of all. That for you the most important in person? For me in the person the following is important: his kind heart and soul romantic, age, nationality as speak: the person don't judge on his appearance, the person judge on his actions and his soul. Daniel you agree with my opinion? I am interested that in his heart. The best friend and the faithful partner whom I can is necessary to me will devote in the life and love to tell it all treasured secrets which are concealed and pine deeply in my soul. I look for the clever, nice and lovely man with whom I could become not only the beloved but also to be darling. But the most important that we became friends as the love first of all is under construction on trust and mutual understanding. My dear Daniel, you, seemingly, the clever and interesting person from yours letters so, please, report me about itself, your likes and dislikes, interests, hopes, desires. I would like to learn more about you. It is really important for me is idea the person I gather correspond and to build the relations. Daniel i wait for your following letter. Bye bye Yours acquaintance Lyudmila. DgpO2tCQz5A.jpg > Hello I think that we any more shouldn't communicating and getting acquainted closer! Our acquaintance on it will be finished! Any more don't write me! You don't trust me! Without trust the relations can't be created! Good-bye for ever. Lyudmila.

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