Scam report about Sarah Wilson

First name:  Sarah
Last name:  Wilson
Age:  26
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Address:  10 adewola Shomolu Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Phone:  (646) 470-4827
On websites:  EZ Date. Speed Date.
Report:  I can't remember if I messaged her first or she messaged me (It was on a dating website I don't remember which one. I believe it was either EZ Date or Speed Date), either way she was very eager to exchange cell numbers within 10 minutes of talking online. She didn't have a profile pic on her account and after going back to investigate our conversation, it had mysteriously disappeared out of my personal inbox. This was only a day or two after we began talking that I went back to look over our convo. She said she was a zoologist, lived in Bronx NY and was on a trip to Lagos Nigeria. She was very talkative, inquisitive and got attached to me very quickly. After only 3 days of texting each other she was talking about spending the rest of our lives together etc. She also mentioned a few times how much she hated lairs amd how one of her EX Boyfriends broke her heart. Then one morning she messaged me very early started the convo normally in the beginning then said she was sad. She then proceeded to give me a sob story about how she was out of

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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