Scam report about Iryna Makiienko

First name:  Iryna
Last name:  Makiienko
Aka:  honey bunny
Age:  29
Location:  Poltava, Ukraine
Address:  Ap.30, 5 Kurchatova st, Poltava, Ukraine
Phone:  +38 066 02 00023
On websites:  Was at AFA, now...uknown
Report:  Very nice girl, very charming! (In the beginning and as long as you keep paying...of course!) Everything seemed to be going great. I even proposed to her and we got engaged. I bought her many nice gifts and sent her a lot of cash. Then, some things started to look out of the ordinary. I know she had dated a few other wealthy men before me and she used to tell me how terrible they were to her. She would tell me how they still try to contact her and are abusive when they reach her by phone or Skype. Now, I understand that sometimes there is one loser boyfriend who just can not accept that a relationship is over, but, having so many men who are angry at her??? all at the same time??? Something was wrong. One day she was telling me in the case of divorce, she wanted half of everything and that included my business or she would not marry me. I explained to her that the business is not something I could use as a bartering chip in a divorce settlement. Even though I am the sole owner with no partners, I have many agents worldwide who have their money tied up in stock that they have purchased and their reputations put on the line for the product brand. Ethically it is just something that I can?t do. Her response was ? would rather trust other people before you trust your own wife? There were many other similar small incidents that got my alarm bells ringing. One day, I confided my situation with an old female friend who immediately warned me to stop sending money. She told me not to be a bastard about it and to be very tactful and polite about the situation, but, at the same time to be firm about it and to see her reaction. I decided to set up the test and when she asked for money, I told her I was unable to send it to her. Very quickly the love dried up, the romance ended and we became totally alienated from each other. I was so disappointed...I was deeply in love with her, but, I have more self-confidence in myself to allow myself to be used like that. I sent her a text message telling her that I would no longer be willing to let her steal money from me. She has not replied to even defend herself...she just ignores me and seems to have just vanished! In total I have lost more than $10 000.00 and she has clearly moved onto the next victim. Hopefully he gets to read this BEFORE he loses more than $10 I did! Beware of this woman, she is a smart, deceptive and very clever liar

Status of report:  is still without proof

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