Scam report about sofia samoilovich

First name:  sofia
Last name:  samoilovich
Aka:  marina kravchenko
Age:  27
Location:  ukraine, Noviy Buh
Phone:  +38 0633113023
On websites:
Report:  After I was registered on the russiancupid site I received a message from her that my profile got her interest and she wanted to know me better. She wrote her e-mail adress in the message. Because her profile did not contain a picture of herself I sent her an e-mail that I want to get to know her better but if it was possible to send me a picture first so I knew who I was talking to. Then she send me a mail with photos from her and a video presentation and that's were the communication started. Every time we sended mails to each other we exchanged some photos. I think I have about 15 photos and 1 video presentation of her. I think in her third e-mail she sent me she wrote her phone number in it. This communication on the phone and trough e-mail lasted like a 1.5 months before we even started talking about meeting eachother in real life. She didn't say one word about money also until that time. I must say I am carefull and suspicious person when it comes to these things but with her I didn't have that feeling at all that she was fake until the organisation of the trip came. Unfortunatly at the time I knew for sure there was something wrong I lost a couple of thousand euros allready. Now I realize how organized she or whatever this criminal organisation is.. She told that she was working in a clothing shop as assistant full time and she studied psychology as an external student at the university and also studied some french and talked english really well. Now when we started talking about how we could get her to come over to belgium she said she got the adress of a travel agency from her boss at the clothing shop who allready has been abroad once. According to her it was the first time she went abroad and she didn't had the experience on whats needed to leave the country. That is were it all started. Because she did not earn much as a shop assistant she couldn't pay all of the expenses for the trip so I sended the money for arranging her International passport, her visa and the medical insurance. I asked her to pay for the tickets as sign of good fate. The tickets costs around 250? and the rest around 700? wich I sended to the travelling agency. I also have the letters I exchanged with the travelling agency along with their adress and the phone number they gave. It didn't stop with this then after the international travel passport was arranged wich they send me a copie of it, they said the embassy needed financial certainty of her financial means that she had enough money to stay 30days in belgium. According to the travelling agency she needed 1500? to ensure the embassy that she had enough money. So I needed to send it to the travel agency and they would arrange travel cheques wich could be exchanged in belgium in any international bank. Again they send me a copy of the travelling cheque card of american express with a value of 1500?. Then they said the embassy also needed the certainty that she had a place to stay for her time being in belgium. Of course we knew she was supposed to stay at my place and they would only book the cheapest hotel in belgium and make a fake invoice for the embassy. They needed 714? for that. Again they would arrange travel cheques so I also could get that money back once she was in belgium. Once I did that and evrything was ok to get her visa from the embassy there was another problem. Because she still was paying off a loan that her ex husband take on her name she could not leave the country and she needed another 1200? to pay off the loan and the finally her visa could be arranged. Also she needed 280? to get from her house to the airport in Kiev wich I also sended to the travel agency like all the other amounts. Again they sended me a copy of her visa. But the visa looked suspisiouis to me and when again she asked me for money to buy a lingery set that costs 200? and I didn't want to, she used to money for the taxi and still bought it, I knew there was something wrong. all the money was send to the travel agency with moneygram and western union. So I hope my story is enough to have free registration. I can give you all the data of travel agency, also the name of the manager there wich will be also fake I suppose.. I started looking at your photo database and I recognized here under the name MARINA KRAVCHENKO.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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