Scam report about Maria Donald

First name:  Maria
Last name:  Donald
Age:  28
Location:  Los Angeles
On websites:  Adultfriendfinder
Report:  John.... so sorry for my late response,i could have giving you feel back about my been here with my trip from the lawyer here but this was due to my mother's curiosity about me,i and my mother had a little miss-understanding about visiting the lawyer today and about the compensation money what of $17 Million of my late father that belong to me as the lawyer said and i decided to let my mother understand the purpose of been here to finish with the lawyer first so that i can get all needed to be understand about the saving item of Gold in a treasure box saved in a security company as i want the full document on me as soon the lawyer can get me that from the bank it was save to here then i can leave in going for the compensation money as this is both Africa involve,also plans for my new business. Well,It was late here i arrived getting back from the lawyer, so i could not mail you earlier And moreover i need to have a little rest.. You know what i Every thing is successful, with a genuine prove that my dad saved the Item, the Gold and the document with my name and with a genuine picture of the treasure box containing Gold as it was saved for getting all the document i found with the lawyer before my father saved this But am so worried about the rule set down against me! According to the lawyer, he did mentioned that my dad stipulates state that the will and the document should only be giving to me when i present my husband, not just a common man but a man Am really married to with an approval of my mother... As the document was saved for whom ever become my future husband partner as my father said and wish wealth for my future plans to the lawyer with law, as am the only child and it's all met for my family as my children,husband and this can also be giving to my husband with the support of my mother but i need this original document on me,so i can leave for the compensation claim and also claim about this Gold out. Please now my love, I will want you to get in touch with my mother, together with me as we both decided and they all know that am serious to get marry with you,Baby as i told my mother a lot about you before and let the lawyer also know about you. Please, Am pleading with you to write my mother as soon you get this message from me and we can both claim all this out. Soon you get in touch with my mother i can be happy to talk better with my mother in getting the document from the lawyer and so that we can retrieve the fund as all document will be handle over to me or you as what the lawyer told me but presently right now i have collected the family treasure box photo of the Gold,as this is belong to us but we need the Original of the saving document from the lawyer and this why you have to write to my mother.Pls I mean the picture from the SECURITY COMPANY before it was saved for us now to claim it out here with me but the original saving document is needed. Honey as soon this is claim we can invest in any lucrative business that will be okay for both of us since you are my hope to be as have full informed my mother ear with your little word of more about you and i can see the dream in you as my fiancee,in letting her know that you are my lucky husband to be and soon to meet her! You are always there to listen, You never leave me standing alone,Slowly I have totally fell in love with you,with this your caring word you are so sweet and you touch my spirit of knowing that you are a wonderful man to be with and am also straight forward with you because I can't explain the reason why,May be it was your enigmatic soul am not here to play game with any one,as am here dying for the love of my life have been thankful to be in your presence and I always wish to be with you for nothing could make me happier to grow old with you.Well hoping in God,if am done here as possible of your action in helping each other in getting all the document,i will be leaving back to you in (state) for the retrivement of the family treasure boxes since its met for me and you for our family to keep this well and train our kids with this as what the lawyer told me.That is why my late father kept all that for whom may become my future husband. Here is my mother email address. Mrs Donald Debbrah,% % i have told her much about you and she is very eager to read from you. Well she is getting better now and alright now, i want you to send a recent pics of your self to her and i will also send you some pics i took with my mother on our trip ariver from the lawyer.... i will attach that right now. Am wishing you success in all that you do in life baby... Kindly be patient with me about all these, i will soon come over all these and join you at home. It's for our benefit,you know what i mean my love. Well, i really wanna know your salvation if it's important in your life.Tell me more about it. (theologically) Tell me about your prayer life and what do you like to do in your free time? Lots of love = Maria.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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