Scam report about Valeria Kalachevskaya

First name:  Valeria
Last name:  Kalachevskaya
Age:  25
Location:  Odessa, Ukraine
Phone:  +380 (93) 779 8109
On websites:  Dream Marriage, Veronika Love
Report:  Be very, very careful with this woman. She is a professional at taking your money. She comes from a wealthy family and believes it is her right to have everything of yours with nothing in return. She feigns how much she cares and will ask you how much money you make. She is very attractive and speaks fluent English. I met Valerie in Odessa when I was there in September 2012. We agreed to meet again and we did. We then decided to travel together to Greece in December of 2012. I booked the flights and we went to Greece. I had to book separate rooms, pay for all meals, rooms, flights and many gifts. She believes that she deserves very expensive presents all the time or you are not showing her proper respect. I probably spent $10,000 on her and she just walked away. Now she is on some websites looking for foreign men; but she has a boyfriend in Odessa.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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