Scam report about Nadezhda;Nadya Fedoseewa

First name:  Nadezhda;Nadya
Last name:  Fedoseewa
Age:  27
Location:  Russia; Saratov
Address:  Saratov,strada Michurina, Edificio 36, appartamento 45
Email: ;
Report:  Nadya contacted me for friendship after a bad story with a man in Russia. She worked as hairdresser. After few letters Nadya declared to fall in love with me and began by saying she had to met me. Nadya went to a travel agency to organize her travel. She told me to have payed 230? for documents,but she need other s590? and asked me to help her. I played for time ,so Nadya wrote me that she have suddenly to go to Moskow,because her aunt was dead. After the funeral Nadya told she had inherited an apartment,but had to pay 800? for privatized it and than other 3.200 for penalty,otherwise she risked to go to prison. Obviously I have to help her and Nadya after few days was be able to sell the apartment for 160.000? and give me the money back.I obviously refused and Nadya interrupted her letters.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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