Scam report about Dorcas Erickson

First name:  Dorcas
Last name:  Erickson
Age:  ~30
Location:  Currently in Africa with son Michael
Phone:  240-542-7883
Email:  unknown- uses facebook
On websites:
Report:  Here is the body of our texts.. I have left mine in, please remove before publishing. I got her to send some photos I can email if you tell me where: Conversation started January 25 Michael Tidwell 1/25, 7:49am Michael Tidwell Hey Dorcas! Sorry I only take friend requests from people I know personally, or that I think I might WANT to know personally, and with just one photo available, I can't tell enough about you. Send me a few more so I can decide if you are the former or latter - thanks Dorcas! Michael Tidwell 1/25, 8:23am Michael Tidwell And you seriously look like someone it would be nice to know. Just waiting on your reply Dorcas Erickson 1/25, 8:40am Dorcas Erickson I understand.. I am new to this Online stuff.. I have some pictures and i know you would like to be with me, because fun to be with... Here's the basics about me. My personal life is in order, but I am missing one key component to my happiness. I would love to meet a great guy to share my life with! I enjoy going to concerts, traveling, and other outdoor activities. I am looking for someone who has the time/energy to get to know me and wants more than texting. I really just want to find ONE guy that I connect with in hopes of developing a long-term relationship. Things I value include honesty, reliability, sense of humor, emotional stability, and living a healthy lifestyle. It seems to be very difficult to find these qualities in a nice guy. Family is also very important to me. I enjoy spending time with my two nephews and hope to have a family of my own some day. I look forward to hearing from you! hit me up on 2405427883 Dorcas Erickson 1/25, 9:18am Dorcas Erickson i just sent you the way i look right now.. am already on my way out.. tell me what you think Dorcas Erickson 1/25, 9:26am Dorcas Erickson hey michael. January 26 Dorcas Erickson 1/26, 7:26am Dorcas Erickson A little about myself.I am Dorcas erickson by name. i am a business woman 33 years old, a single mom , i am into buying and selling of Clothing Materials still single and searching for the right man,..I'm quite new to this online dating and i hope i can meet my soul mate on here. This part is always hard, I don't often do this sort of thing.. hmm. I'm originally from the USA . i am currently on a week trip to africa to look after my late father inheritance that he left for I and my son to inherit after his death i've been here for 2 days now... i will be coming back in 5 days time..... I I have no physical or mental baggage and strive everyday to be a better woman for myself ever since i lost my father and Mother. Kindness, Family, Loyalty,Respect and Honesty are important realities in my lifestyle. If we are meant to be,even geography can't keep us apart. for fun i like watching movies and listening to music for sport i love tennis,basketballs.i like going to beach,lake,cooking,swimming,shopping and reading novel....And i ill be happy if you can always be honest with everything you tell me on here because am new to these site and i ill like to meet the caring ,loving man to keep a friendship with and always make me happy all the time, I hope to Hear back from you as soon as you get this, Sent from a business network Dorcas Erickson 1/26, 9:05am Dorcas Erickson You're chatting with a real woman and my name is Dorcas erickson........... I'm bright, energetic, and have a great sense of humor -I've even been known to laugh at myself on occasion! I'm passionate,sensual and romantic. You will never be lacking for affection! I've been told that I'm a great cook (thanks, Grandma!) I enjoy cooking very much, and it would be great if you like to cook too! There is something very sensual and intimate about preparing a meal together. I am a fantastic Aunt according to my nephews. I love children, and would welcome a man who has them - I would love your children as my own - I would not think of them as stepchildren. I enjoy exercise, and want to stay healthy - I'm not the body builder type - I actually have hips! (think Marilyn Monroe on a smallerscale). Sent from a business network January 27 Dorcas Erickson 1/27, 12:13am Dorcas Erickson I love seeing new places and experiencing new things. I enjoy fine wine and good food (there is nothing like fresh seafood), and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy cuddling (fireplace optional), dancing, spending time alone with that special man, movies, sports, entertaining at home, going out on the town, movies (old and new), really good jazz, walking along the beach(cliche, I know, but true!), anything in, on or near the water (I'm new to snorkeling, and love to fish!), church on Sunday mornings followed by reading the Sunday paper cuddling on the sofa - then watching football or doing something outside, gardening, and antiques (buying and refinishing). Sent from a business network Michael Tidwell 1/27, 12:33am Michael Tidwell I enjoy every one of the things you've said - actually I enjoy anything as long as its with someone who is as open, honest, faithful and giving as I am. So now? Dorcas Erickson 1/27, 1:10am Dorcas Erickson I appreciate all the life lessons I have had thus far - the good and not so good - they have strengthened me, taught me so much, given me joy, allowed my resiliency to shine through, taught me to appreciate the people I have been blessed to have around me, and helped me learn the value of forgiveness, all of which have played a part in who I am today. I have a good sense of who I am and what is important to me in a relationship Sent from a business network January 27 Michael Tidwell 1/27, 7:23pm Michael Tidwell Yes Dorcas you sound absolutely amazing. What would you like for me to say next? I'm wondering if we will meet January 30 Michael Tidwell 1/30, 8:09am Michael Tidwell Well it seems as if you've gone away... no worries,, that's the reaction I get from everyone.. used to it by now February 3 Dorcas Erickson 2/3, 12:20am Dorcas Erickson Hello I don't hear from you anymore is there a problem? Or have I said somethjng wrong?? Sent from a business network Michael Tidwell 2/3, 12:30am Michael Tidwell I thought you decided to look elsewhere when I didn't hear back Michael Tidwell 2/3, 12:37am Michael Tidwell My question still remains Thursday Dorcas Erickson 2/6, 8:45am Dorcas Erickson I sent you messages and you didn't reply. What's the question? Sent from a business network Sunday Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 12:51am Dorcas Erickson Hey Michael Tidwell 2/9, 12:57am Michael Tidwell Yes? How are you? Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 12:57am Dorcas Erickson How are you doing It's been so long you wrote me Michael Tidwell 2/9, 12:58am Michael Tidwell Sorry really busy still at work now My apologies How have you been Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:00am Dorcas Erickson What's your plan for today? I have been fine thanks for asking Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:02am Michael Tidwell No plans. Working on a new television spot. Not much else Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:02am Dorcas Erickson Ok that's good to know! I check to see if you have written me but I end up getting sad when I don't get any response from you Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:03am Michael Tidwell Then you r different than most. Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:04am Dorcas Erickson I want to fall in love with that one person who will love me right back! Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:04am Michael Tidwell Who r exactly the opposite Hard To love with nothing to give Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:05am Dorcas Erickson I look at your picture everytime and I fall more Inlove with you. I just wanna meet with you in person and see where chemistry will take us Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:05am Michael Tidwell What?! Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:05am Dorcas Erickson ? Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:06am Michael Tidwell You r very kind I know the feeling Of falling in love And wanting nothing more Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:06am Dorcas Erickson Do you like the kind of person I am? Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:07am Michael Tidwell Than the other person to love you back Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:07am Dorcas Erickson And would you like to have someone like me as a soulmate Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:07am Dorcas Erickson i need A man who is intelligent and attractive (more than just looks!), who has a great sense of humor, is confident, responsible, accountable, some what independent, relatively drama free, reasonably fit, and unreservedly affectionate, who is passionate about the things and people in his life he cares about. Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:08am Michael Tidwell Oops I'm a wallflower And when I lost my previous soulmate, I also lost my only friend Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:11am Dorcas Erickson Do you think am here to waste your time Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:11am Michael Tidwell So yes, you are beautiful, and your attention is very nice.. I am the most passionate and dedicated man anyone could hope to have Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:11am Dorcas Erickson I just love everything about you I need a man who knows his flaws and works to change the things he can, who is forth coming about his feelings, and who has the time and inclination for a monogamous relationship. Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:12am Michael Tidwell If you know me, and I think you do... you know where my heart is And there is no reason for anything other than monogamous Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:13am Dorcas Erickson Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:13am Michael Tidwell You really have a son? Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:14am Dorcas Erickson Yes I have a son. So do you have a problem with that? Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:14am Michael Tidwell No. Just wish I knew who you were Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:15am Dorcas Erickson What exactly do you want to know about me Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:16am Michael Tidwell Your picture looks a lot like one of my former step-daughters Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:17am Dorcas Erickson That's good to know Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:17am Michael Tidwell She was... well they both were beautiful Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:17am Dorcas Erickson You lost them? Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:17am Michael Tidwell No.. I failed them Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:17am Dorcas Erickson How did you fail them. Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:19am Michael Tidwell It is very hard to know what to do with regards to someone else's children.. I never acted like their dad.. only did my best to support what their mother wanted Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:19am Dorcas Erickson Am so sorry about that my dear Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:21am Michael Tidwell But I overstepped my boundaries with the oldest one... and I have no idea why the youngest abandoned me. I gave them more than I gave my own children... and loved them like they were blood.. now I have lots of things to try and make up to my own two., So that's very recent for me. Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:21am Dorcas Erickson I want you to know that I am here to make you happy if you are ready to bring love into your life and also start things afresh Many of these things can't be seen the first time you meet someone- they reveal them selves over time. Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:22am Michael Tidwell Losing the children (young adults now) has affected me as much as losing their mother.. so now I have to forget them... Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:23am Dorcas Erickson I can give you kids if that will make you happy. Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:23am Michael Tidwell Well that was my question When do we meet? Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:24am Dorcas Erickson It depends on when you want us to meet! Remember am still in Africa Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:24am Michael Tidwell Noooo I have two plus the fond memories of two other s... lol Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:24am Dorcas Erickson Lol Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:25am Michael Tidwell And the last time I asked you that question you went away Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:26am Dorcas Erickson i want you to know that you sound like a man i have been seaching for all the rest of my life you seem too good to be true but i believe God knows more than i do. Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:26am Michael Tidwell Do I know you already? Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:26am Dorcas Erickson I really want to meet you dear. But I would be glad if you can wait for me to return from this hectic trip ok Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:27am Michael Tidwell Trip? Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:27am Dorcas Erickson Yes I told you I came to Africa to look after my late father inheritance that he left for me and my son to inherit, have you forgotten I told you that dear? Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:28am Michael Tidwell Oh What part? Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:34am Dorcas Erickson I don't understand Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:38am Michael Tidwell I meant what part of Africa.. So in order for us to continue this conversation, I need you to use your phone to take a picture of yourself.. at this moment. Not in a mirror.. just hold it away from you and take a picture and send it. That's the only way I will be able to know who you are. If you're a scammer, it wouldn't be the end because you're the best one I've ever encountered... if you're really Dorcas, well then we'll have to see.. if you're someone I know, then that would be even better.. but unless you are willing to do this for me right now I cannot continue this. Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:40am Michael Tidwell Please understand my predicament Please understand my predicament Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:40am Dorcas Erickson I understand you so much my dear Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:41am Michael Tidwell Lol I thought so So now the reveal... Now is your chance Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:45am Dorcas Erickson Well when I get a camera I'll do it Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:45am Michael Tidwell Omg use your pH one Phone Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:46am Dorcas Erickson You want me to snap with my phone? Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:47am Michael Tidwell Yes please Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:48am Dorcas Erickson But my phone is not gonna show Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:48am Michael Tidwell I don't need to see the phone... I need to see you Please Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:49am Dorcas Erickson I just took this now Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:49am Dorcas Erickson I hope you like it baby Can you send me one too Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:50am Michael Tidwell What time is it there? I am really shocked Did not expect that at all Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:51am Dorcas Erickson Do you not believe in me? It's 7:51am here in Africa Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:51am Michael Tidwell Beautiful picture btw Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:52am Dorcas Erickson I sent you the picture because I want you to know that am not here to waste your time all I seek is just true love ok my baby? Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:53am Michael Tidwell Dorcas, how do you know me and who I am? Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:54am Dorcas Erickson Because your personality said it all Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:55am Michael Tidwell Have we met? Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 1:55am Dorcas Erickson I have a feeling we have met Michael but I really can't remember when!! Because you look so familiar to me Anyway... Would you like to come down to Africa? Michael Tidwell 2/9, 1:58am Michael Tidwell I am very distressed now... I really thought you were not real. Wasn't prepared for this. I have to go for now. There is no way you could be real... Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 2:00am Dorcas Erickson Michael good things happen to those who wait. If you think you want to stop talking to me because you think I might not be real when I AM! I guess I'll have to let you be.. Good day Michael Tidwell 2/9, 2:00am Michael Tidwell How about I come to where you are to see for myself? Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 2:00am Dorcas Erickson I actually thought I would actually have a nice time with you when we actually meet I see you're not interested in someone like me Michael Tidwell 2/9, 2:01am Michael Tidwell You would not feel the same way. I guess you must have lots of unknown guys proposing lol Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 2:02am Dorcas Erickson I'm very selective, I spend my time comjng online but talking to no one but you Michael Tidwell 2/9, 2:03am Michael Tidwell I did not say I wasn't interested. I said I was unprepared For you to be who you say OK then.. we will meet when you return hopefully Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 2:04am Dorcas Erickson Do you want to come and meet me in Africa Michael Tidwell 2/9, 2:05am Michael Tidwell Sure! Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 2:05am Dorcas Erickson I have been hurt so many time in life and i do not want to get hurt anymore almost all the men i met on here are not looking for True Love all they needed is One Night Stand and i am not into that kind of game Michael Tidwell 2/9, 2:06am Michael Tidwell I understand Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 2:06am Dorcas Erickson I don't think you do as much has am trying to meet the right man i am looking for true love, someone i will spend the rest of my life with and you seem to be the one, i believe time will tell anyway?. Michael Tidwell 2/9, 2:08am Michael Tidwell I have no time to be with the wrong woman even for just one night... so I don't waste time with one night stands Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 2:09am Dorcas Erickson am looking for the elusive soul mate that we are all looking for. Michael Tidwell 2/9, 2:09am Michael Tidwell I think a trip to Africa would be just the right trip to take Although I do love Europe. I need sleep. Have a good day! Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 2:15am Dorcas Erickson Okay bye for now Michael Tidwell 2/9, 2:15am Michael Tidwell Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 2:15am Dorcas Erickson Bt am gonna be here in Africa for few more days I just wanna get things done once and for all Michael Tidwell 2/9, 2:16am Michael Tidwell Once and for all? Don't understand I thought you were there for longer. OK we will talk more later Sunday Dorcas Erickson 2/9, 11:40am Dorcas Erickson I came here to take care of my late dad inheritance so right now as soon as am done here I would return back to Lafayette IN USA Sunday Michael Tidwell 2/9, 4:59pm Michael Tidwell OK. So am I coming to Africa or Indiana? Sorry.. was out this morning and then had lunch with my ex.. we still have a business together which requires us to meet each day Monday Dorcas Erickson 2/10, 8:54am Dorcas Erickson Hello Michael are you there ? Dorcas Erickson 2/10, 9:04am Dorcas Erickson What are you doing right now can you please send me some new pictures of you dear, it would e great to show your pix to my son.... Since both of you share the same name Monday Michael Tidwell 2/10, 3:47pm Michael Tidwell Got one in the way! Michael Tidwell 2/10, 3:59pm Michael Tidwell Dorcas Erickson 2/10, 4:40pm Dorcas Erickson You are a very handsome man Sent from a business network You are a very handsome man Sent from a business network Michael Tidwell 2/10, 5:41pm Michael Tidwell Very kind of you! I am amazed at how beautiful you are in the pictures you send... Today Dorcas Erickson 12:45am Dorcas Erickson I am a very serious and sincere person. I am not mean or cruel, nor is my spirit. I have a loving, healing spirit.You are sweet and seeems to be the man i have been searching for...I think we need to meet and see how this relationship is going to blossom....You need to ask me more and tell me when we can meet and take this to higher level.....What did you do over all your day?....Hope to hear from you soon. Michael Tidwell 12:53am Michael Tidwell Thank you for the compliment Please forgive me but at the moment I have to complete a very important email on behalf of my ex that must go out tonight I do not mean to be rude.. will write to you when I am done. Extremely important Michael Tidwell 1:09am Michael Tidwell OK it is sent. So what are your plans for the day? As for meeting you, I said I would be happy to come to Africa, but you said you would be back in the states in a couple of days.. so am I flying to Indiana now to meet you and Michael? Dorcas Erickson 1:57am Dorcas Erickson I understand all that you have just said! I have some men trying to talk to me but the truth is that I am very selective I look at profiles before talking to you so that I know the kind of person am chatting. With You're a nice person and I feel like you're a truth worthy person Dorcas Erickson 2:00am Dorcas Erickson Thinkin' of you brings a smile to my face.chattin' to you makes me want you even more, but bein' with you, damn Baby, that's what I live for Love is forever and that's what you mean to me My love is like a rose divided into two, the leaves I give to others, but the rose I give to you.If love were what the rose is,And I were like the leaf, Our love would grow together,In sad or sighing weather Do you know that it would take you forever to realize the extent of my love for you.Maybe I?m a fool to feel the way I do, but I will play the fool forever just to be with you Forever is the road to our destiny If you hold me for a minute or two, in my mind that's like holding me forever If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden A rose is a symbol of my love for you. Its petals shine in beauty, its thorn show its pain..

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