First name: Sandra
Last name: love
Aka: musah nuhu
Age: 32
Location: Ghana, Accra
Address: zip code 00233
On websites:
Report:     Sandra Love initiated contact by e-mail said she got my info off we talked for 2 weeks still talking. Anything strange:broken English,wrong words used in a sentence but 2nd e-mail good English no wrong words and text in red not black as before. also in 2nd e-mail sob story dad died 2 years back,broken heart and now in nightmare could really use a friend.looking for a man 40 to 99, said she wanted to start a new life when she got back but would not elaborate on that back from where or to where.2nd set of pic more revealing but i did not request it. Sent the same pic again when she ask for help but i didn't understand what she was asking for so i ask her to explain. Before she got back to me i noticed her b-day was in a few days so wished her a happy b-day. Then she explained she needed it buy a cake, food and wine for her party and that it would cost 360$ and gave me address to send it western union to Musah Nuhu in Accra,Ghana zip 00233. I just have not responded yet and no i'm not sending anything have no fear. I just found you guys and have not had a chance to look at your site. At this time i have 4 more to send you one i'm not sure about. I can try and get a phone # if you want me to.
Status of report: is still without proof