First name: Luzia
Last name: mireya
Aka: Stephaine Perrin
Age: 31
Location: ivory coast
On websites: Facebook
Report:     She is on facebook as Stephanine Perrin She is real smart. Firstt she starts out being not very nice and starts to lead you on. The goes into the normal speal they all use. She then leads you on to give her money and will not let up. Then if you say you are arranging things from you she tells you that she can get it cheap there. And the last thing is she tries to convenice you that her daughter is ill and needs and operation and that she has to pay before they will do the operation.She will not let you contact the hospital or the doctor to pay them she says the only way is though western union. Luckly she only got 75.00 from me before I realized what was going on. She also goes so far ae to invole someone else in here scam a lady by the name of Arltte Perrin or it is the same person using two name on facebook. She claims she is her sister.
Status of report: is still without proof