Scam report about Yulia Machuk

First name:  Yulia
Last name:  Machuk
Age:  28-29
Location:  Ukraine, Kharkiv
Phone:  +380633613424, +380937664936
Email: ;
On websites:, russianbride, balticfriend,,
Report:  she's good at english, she can perfectly feel in love, there was a interesting scenario - first visa money, ticket money, money for her mother's shop (for rent), because it was the only source of livelihood, money for her ill grandma which live in Vladiwostok, money for another buying a clothes because in russia her things was stolen on the airport, money for another ticket, money for phone because she broke it when her mom spend her money for ticket to me....and everything was so good to be true, and perfectly thinked. for Your own safety please be aware from her. Firstly she picked up the phones then she stopped, she didn't answer for many emails, or she had a big delay. believe me , everything seemed perfect and in one thime i forgot how much money i send. of course she don't have a bank account, only moneygram and western union transfers was possible.... to sume up: I will never forget her and she lied perfectly, please aware!!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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