Scam report about Janet Mark

First name:  Janet
Last name:  Mark
Aka:  Matilda Cosima
Age:  32
Location:  Accra Ghana
Phone:  011233232056217
On websites:  QQ
Report:  SHe is good, not sure how she found me but seems to have trolls working for her. Claims to love love you within a week and wants to marry you and travel to be with you. Times are tough so she no longer asks for airfare and claims her mom will pay for the airfare and all you have to do is cover the cost of passport renewal and visa application. Says she is Italian and currently living in Accra Ghana with her mom who owns a hair dresser salon. Says her web cam is broken and will buy a new one if you send her an extra $10. well, she did not say $10 but I looked it up online for cost of webcams in accra and it was less than $10. She agreed. Questioned her on the cost of passport as the Ghana website posts a different rate. Questioned her on visa requirements and fees as italains do not require a visa for canada as she claims. Look at your countries website and it will tell you visiting visa requirements for each country. Says her mom knows a friend in the embassey who will help her to process a visa. Sorry but only the host country can process a visa not the parent country for the applicant. She claims to know hair dressing and is a chef. She sometimes comes on web cam and shows erotic poses but claims her web cam only works for a minute. Used a translation program to speak to her in Italian and she started doing the same thing. either she is very fast in typing long sentences or she is copying and pasting messages in Italian. I will see how much longer she will play along without me sending money.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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