Scam report about Hilary Collings

First name:  Hilary
Last name:  Collings
Aka:  Naomi
Age:  dont remember
Location:  Laos Nigeria area but said Dallas
On websites:  Hi5 and Tagged
Report:  Spokeo reports she is on 71 websites! Hilary Collings is a scammer and is from Laos Nigeria area. Don't be fooled by sexuality and photos. Please Note: YOU CAN TRACK HER EMAIL AND SEE WHAT AREA OF THE WORLD SHE IS SENDING IT FROM! This TRACKING SITE is Free for trial basis. Register and follow instructions. They will NOT know you are spying on their Email ISP provider of wherever they ARE when they send the email to you. If they say they are in UK or US or wherever they SAY they are sending the email from the report should say THAT area. If it says Nigeria or any place different it will tell you the % of correctness that they are actually sending the email FROM. it also gives time they received/read and if they opened the attachments you sent. ITS FREE FOR TRIAL BASIS only. WWW.MAILTRACKING.COM LETS put these blood suckers out of business! 1) If they don't open your profile page and contact you ONLY from your photo = BEWARE 2) If they say they cant contact you from the site and you must email or send them your email address = BEWARE 3) If they have been on the site for only a few day or few weeks and have 1500 friends = B F'n ware!!! 4) Use common sense. if they are too good to be true and use words like babe, dear, and love = B very F'n ware!!!! Get smart guys!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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