Scam report about Ema 

First name:  Ema
Age:  26
Location:  Lisichansk - Luigansk- Ukraine
On websites:
Report:  Ema contacted me thru dating site , Emma is 26 years old but she did not care about the big difference in age between us . She told me her English is not good and she is using a translator service , but she is a hairdresser , very independent and can afford to pay for her translations . We continued our emails until she started to call me Honey , darling , bla bla bla after just a week ( I am used and experimented . She started talking more intimate , etc and on her last email she said she has financial problem and cannot afford to pay for the translation , etc. I neglect the whole issue as I was communicating with other women and I knew she is one of the scammers . few days letter I received an email from a FAKE translation firm , acknowledging me that they helped Emma , but now she cannot pay and she is willing to continue our relation and if I am Interested they will send me their prices . I replied very sarcastically telling them that Emma is a fake personality they created to scam people .

Status of report:  is still without proof

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