Scam report about Joy Dion

First name:  Joy
Last name:  Dion
Age:  24
Location:  Ivory Coast, West Africa
Phone:  221-77-620-4688
On websites:  Face Book and
Report:  I will like to know more about you, wetting for your reply today Dearest One, Red rose I am more than happy to write you this mail today, I am joy Dion from Ivory Coast in West Africa, The only daughter of late Dr. and Mrs Frederick .I love music as well, am 24 yrs of age single never married, 168m tall 58kg weight. Very good looking girl that is loving and caring in nature. Tall and fair in complexion above all trusted and God Fearing. Things are like to do on my spare time are reading and dancing ballet, going to recreation center to catch my fun, spending my time with love one. I will like to know more about you, tell me, what do you do at your spare times? What are your likes and dis-likes? What is your present aim in life? I will be waiting to hear from you, attached here is my picture, i hope you will get back to me with a picture, may God bless you. Yours joy Dion. Red rose Show message history DEAR THIS IS THE HELP I NEED FROM YOU WITH LOVE AND TRUST Hello Dear, compliment of the day to you, Sweet, before I proceed hope that you are kicking in good health together with every member of your family, I read your mail and it was well understood, I?m from a very good Christian family just because of the death of my parents that is why my condition is like this, my contacting you is never by my power I have been praying and fasting for God to send me that man with understanding that will help me, from the day I saw your mail I was touch to tell you all about me and I think is not by my power. As I told you before that my name is joy Dion. from Ivory Coast in West Africa 24 Years and Am the only daughter of Late Dr Frederick Dion. About my family, My Father Dr, Frederick Dion was a highly reputable businessman who operated in Ivory Coast during his days. My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Ivory Coast, the economic capital, is a wealthy man and a loving father. But one faithful day, on Wednesday, November 24,2010, he was coming home and he ran into a failed brake lorry at a junction which made his Mercedes Benz E class beyond repairs and also my father beyond recognition, he died instantly and at that moment, I was going to evening church service with my mum, she received a distress call telling her the news and she loosed control and developed a high blood pressure, people around help me to take her to the hospital, after three months , she pass away. Since then, I had been passing through hardship from the hand of my uncle; he has been treating me like a slave and had claimed all my parent belonging without taking care of my education. Since the Death of my parent, my uncle has been maltreating me because he planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me. I wanted to travel overseas, but, he hide away my international passport and other valuable documents. Luckily he did not discover where I kept my Father?s File which contains important documents. So I escaped to Senegal where I am presently staying in the refugee Mission Camp. My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of (US$ 5.7 Million u.s dollars) in a Bank, My father put my name as the next of kin, I have contacted the Finance Bank but the Operational Manager confirmed that my status as a refugee according to the local law does not permit me to carry out the operation successfully. He advised me to provide a trustee who will stand on my behalf complete the transaction, since the money is been deposited in foreign account. I am mailing you from the office of the Rev.Father in the camp, I have confide on him, I did explained a bit about my situation to him but not everything, He gave me the access to his computer twice a day just to help me because I told him that I want to get out from camp as soon as possible, But firstly I must get the funds transferred into an account abroad, Since I don't have any body abroad I decided to contact you, Only if you will be honest and kind to my situation and assist me with all sincerity in your heart. I will like you to stand as my trustee while I give you the necessary documents so that you will contact the Finance Bank and claim the fund to transfer the money to your bank account while I join you soon after you receive the money into your account. I have my father's death certificate. I will also like to complete my academic studies in your Country which you help me and recommend a nice Higher Institution. I was studying Marketing before the death of my father and I was a 2nd year student in the University. Because of how my Uncle is threatening to kill me, I plead with you to keep all our discussion confidential and send me reply through my email. Here in the refugee camp, some missionaries used to visit us and among them is Rev. Peter Johnson the king church who is so dear to me, i thank God for his life. My dear, you can call me with the Rev.Father Peter Johnson phone number (+221 77 620 4688) when Rev.Father Peter Johnson . used to visit the camp,please tell him that you will like to speak with joy Dion. he will send for me. wetting for your urgent reply. Stay well and God bless. Yours Sincerely joy Dion Show message history 3 AttachmentsView allDownload all PLEASE COPY THIS NOTE AND FWD IT TO THE BANK I am --------------- a nationality of ----------- and presently residing in ..............). I am writing to you un-behalf of Miss JOY whose father's name is late Dr Frederick Dion deposited US$5.7 million in your bank and Miss Joy Dion is the next of kin to the said fund but because of her refugee status she was denied to claim this money by herself. I was told by Miss Joy Dion that you advised her to look for a foreign partner who will stand on her behalf as her trustee and I wish to inform you that I am her trustee in this transaction and I request you to tell us what documents or what they need to transfer the fund to my account. Your immediate responds in this regard will highly be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Yours Truly HERE IS THE BANK CONTACT. The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc of United Kingdom ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND PLC LONDON Registered in Scotland No. 90312. Website: The name of the transfer officer is : Sir Ross McEwan E-mail Address; ( Show message history

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