First name: Ramziya
Age: 25
Location: Cheboksary
On websites: badoo
Report:     I was very pleased to read your message . I hope that we will continue to exchange letters, get to know each other. I understand that we can not look into the eyes to reality . But we can learn the nature and the inner world of each other , I think this is very important ! Difficult to predict what will happen tomorrow . But I want you to write me and I will always answer . And please do not forget to send us your photos I want on my computer is as much as possible . Try to answer me all my questions , okay? It really shows his integrity and interest in our relationship . You can write to me about everything. You can always discuss all topics. I've never been in other countries. All my life I lived in Russia . I live in the city of Cheboksary . It is 600 km from Moscow. I took courses in the Slovenian language . At the Institute we have to learn a foreign language. And I decided Slovenian language . Due to the fact that it is very similar to the Russian . And now I can not speak Slovenian language . Nemam Facebook Skype . I noticed that my daily depending on my mood . Thank you for your letters. Your letter raises your spirits. Do not leave I feel alone. You're the first person with whom I started to communicate by the man I thought I loved betrayed me . That was so long ago . I will not go into details, it is not very pleasant memories . I do not want to talk about it . I suffered a lot . Since then I have had one . Now I again recovered and I want to feel those pleasant feelings that were . For me, life is based on mutual understanding and trust . What qualities do you appreciate in a person ? I tell you about myself , because I think that my letters to be closer to us . Do you agree with me on this ? Every woman looking for a man who will love and respect her. I want to find a person who is interested in me. A man should give all the love and care of a woman. Then she will love your boyfriend . He should his wife is the happiest in the world. However, women should do everything for the man she will love . Support in difficult times. And I think that love is very important for the relationship between man and woman . What do you think about this? I want such a relationship in the future. I am interested to read in your letter all about what you think. I look forward to your letter.
Status of report: is still without proof