First name: Anna
Age: 27
Location: Petrovka, Ukraine
On websites:
Report:     From: Feb 14 (7 days ago) Hello, XXXXX!!! Hello and good day;) What a nice thing - to read your letter in day time and to smile with every your word!:) I am thankful you for answering, seems my previous letter wasn't too boring for you!:) I am sure that was awesome Vegas X Mas! you looking awesome just! that hat is very cool for you and I cherish every your smile, every your kind look:):) I wish one day I would also see that wonderful Vegas.. I so much heart about that city. that was cool, tell me?:) you giving me here in letter that what I never found in reality. Of course you mentioned my body parts (ass, boobs.))) this is normal!:) but you also have care to that what and how I feel - this is what is the most important for me! I like so much your interests! I would like to learn more of billiard and of course sot activities are also nice for me! You're well done! You travelled so much! You saw so many countries! That's really very interesting! I didn't travel a lot still I'm sure that's very interesting to see new places, to meet new, interesting people, to learn more about another countries and cultures. Also that's very important to have near yourself dear person whom you'll always share your emotions and thoughts. thank you for presenting me name of XXXXX Jr:) he is a very cool and well done boy! this is nice to find time for designer and Disc Jockey! who knows.. maybe in few years his name will be at one line with Armin van Buuren or Tiesto?:) Me on my own have no skype.. I never needed that. but if you think this is a nice way for us I will learn all as for that!:) I am happy we have here our letters, so that also helps us to get closer, you agree?:) Love just like you is - that is a wish I also have here. Just love and apply person with all his particular sides of character, some pluses and some minuses also. To learn how to live together and to overcome some hard moments. This is what is love actually!:) this is what I want to build..) I am here to create that what is calling family - I wish to give and to return back respect and sincerity. I wish me and my dear man share passion, care, hard and easy times - everything for two. Seems this is a way real family will go?:) you is well done working as IT Consultant for 27 year! this is very you is well knows a lot in that analysis and other special sides;) Few days ago lunch time was a simple time for eat, read news papers or just walk in park. Since I have you I have totally other lunch time things to do!:) I am waiting for your letter and I am so happy to reply! I will not tell here (will try not to!))) big and loud words but I want you to know you start mean to me more. I wait for your letter and feel sad if that is late... I am getting addicted to you?!:) I like that!:) So nice to get closer with a man who posses qualities witch are nice for me as for a girl searching for stability..:) Every lunch time I am on my way to translation agency to read that what you wrote... So what you think now?! I am terribly worry how you will react on that I use help of translators to receive and to send you my letter. I never learnt English in my life. My village is too small and we had only basic lessons in school and I have no computer and never had. So to imagine me to type text, to find something in all that computer programs that is surreal.... Of course I would love to learn how to make all that, I understand that is important, here for us! I hope you will be not angry knowing I cannot make that right here and now... With your faith and support I will make all and that white blank in my skills will be fulfilled, ok! I hope you had a nice day and I will be glad with your answer. If I didn't scare and you is not thinking I am not enough educated for you... I want to give you my warm wishes and my sincere smile right from my pictures!:) My girl friend once made photos of me in my bedroom.. now I have whom to send them!:) Anna, with best wishes!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Feb 19 (2 days ago) Dear Mr. XXXXX, we are greeting you in services of InterEastTranslations! We are ready to inform - our company offers high quality translations! Our goal is to provide accurate English Russian and Russian English translation services and professional results at very affordable rates. We are translating letters of miss Anna to you and your letters back to her here. Miss Anna was paying for translation work. Now Anna is unable to offer paying translations fees longer. Anna is worry - she knows these letters are very important for you the same like for her! Surely miss Anna would love to continue your correspondence and get closer with you! If it is appropriate to inform you about our prices and conditions for translations services, we will gladly let you know what you can do to continue your correspondence with miss Anna. So, please get in touch with us and let us know what news you have for us to deliver to miss Anna from you. In case additional questions will appear - feel free to ask us. We are open for your suggestions and proposes! With all best and sincere wishes, manager Arina Hripova, staff of InterEastTranslation
Status of report: is still without proof