Scam report about Lauren Dern

First name:  Lauren
Last name:  Dern
Aka:  Lauren E Dern, Lauren Ella Dern
Age:  25
Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Phone:  1-306-993-6969
On websites:,
Report:  She was the one that initiated contact with me on a dating site called In her first e-mail to me on the site, she wanted me to contact her via her personal e-mail address on hotmail and take the communication beyond the dating site. Her first e-mail to me on hotmail was a long diatribe of her's and gave me her life story and she mentioned she had moved to Saskatoon in the couple months previous and that she was in Greece for a vacation/business trip when the e-mail contact started. She also said that her grandmother and mother had died the previous year and that her dad was never a part of her life. Then Lauren said she was involved in a horrific car accident while she was in Greece and was reported clinically dead while her friend died and Lauren miraculously came out of the coma. Then she mentioned in the next few e-mails that she wanted to fly back to Saskatoon and that she wanted for us to meet at the airport as her flight got in. The first time she was supposed to fly back to Saskatoon, the requests for money began and I thought she was being genuine so I helped her out by sending her money transfers to Greece through Moneygram so she could fly home. I continued to get excuses from Lauren and more requests for money and the reasons were for new plane tickets, duty fees, dumerage charges, personal travel allowances, etc. The requests for money never stopped from Lauren and in the end I lost more than $25,000 to Lauren in the two-and-a-half months of contact with her. I then got a helpful tip from someone that also lost money to Lauren so I stopped sending Lauren money but the requests from her didn't stop and she became more desparate. I then just emailed her for the last time and said I can't afford it anymore and told her straight-up that I didn't want anymore contact with her and told her not to e-mail or text me ever again and I unfriended her on Facebook as well.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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