Scam report about Hailey Regina Mcjunkin

First name:  Hailey Regina
Last name:  Mcjunkin
Aka:  Hailey Smith
Age:  31
Location:  Easily SC , Greenville SC , USA
On websites:  facebook
Report:  her name is Hailey Regina Mcjunkin she has it facilitated me 2600 euros that is one excerpt from the chat log the first few days Hailey Smith: How are you doing I'm hailey from the state Hey I'm fine How did you find me please Really Are you married or single Okay I'm single too What do you do for a living Huh Okay Do you state alone of with anyone Stay And how old are you if I may ask???? Okay I mean do you stay alone I mean is anyone living with you Okay So what are you looking for on here I stay with a friend now in Pennsylvania But wish I get my man here Hmmm okay So what are you looking for here Lol okay So why time are you there now Hailey Smith: Actually we have almost same story in the pasta friend of mine at my work place went out with my ex fiance but now I stay alone. So what do you like to do for fun Okay Andy, so what are you looking for here Okay, actually I'm here to look for a new responsible man who is ready to shear his love with me and be the man of my life also be the father of my kids....... Hailey Smith: Okay that's nice to hear, so what are the features you like in a woman you want to have????? Hailey Smith: Okay, so what about the physical appearance , just want to know if I'm up to it lol. Because I want a sincere and responsible man like you, because you sound so responsible and you may be the man I want. Just saying Hailey Smith: Hello Andy how are you doing Okay thanks, I'm fine and you too Okay, why aren't you sleeping I can see its night already there Vacation of what??? Okay I wish I try a relationship with you but seems far away from me Because you sounds serious and responsible How and what do you mean, I don't get that Really, are you sure. Just do whatever you wish I'm just saying my mind okay I go with whatever you say, your the man Hailey Smith: Yea I have a lot of past experience about men, but I don't wanna go over it again Okay, but am I up to your taste in my appearance My photo I mean Oh okay its okay Lol, your so funny, you are a man you should be bold enough to Oh okay, that's so sweet Of course your right, Hailey Smith: No you are not, how are you. I like you and i don't mind starting a New relationship with you And see where it goes...... Okay you ask me whatever you want to I'm here for you Andy Really thanks dear I'm free for now Okay ?? will be here What is that ?? will wait for you here when your through okay Really, thanks so much OKay Hailey Smith: Hello Andy Hailey Smith: hello Andy im here now how are you doing how are ypu doing it was fine and yours oh okay who do you stay with over there i mean in Austria oh okay what did you go there for oh okay thats great so Andy i told you i will appreciate it if you c an be my man ok what talk to me i want you because you sounds so responsible to me somethings like what ask me anything oh ,oaky i ndo have a good contact with them because i do go to amsterdam every four years to check on my mother im right in Easley sc with my b cosin she promise to take care of me and shes also trying her best hmm, why did you say that Andy????? Hailey Smith: Hello Andy how are you doing Hailey Smith: Okay I will saticula: hello :) how are u my sunshine? Hailey Smith: hello Andy how are you doing iim here now how are you doing Hailey Smith: heyAndy saticula: hey :) Hailey Smith: how are ypu doing im here saticula: what was wrong why could not I write? Hailey Smith: i disabled my account because someone is trying to gin to my profike saticula: I am now gotten it's like seven clock with me ok thats not good has u changed our password ? Hailey Smith: no i opened another account for you now saticula: ok super thanks :) Hailey Smith: okay dont thank me its okay baby saticula: (f) Hailey Smith: what saticula: its ok these smilies are not working :) Hailey Smith: Hailey Smith hat einen Sticker verschickt. its working p saticula: yes at me Hailey Smith: partially i thhink saticula: how much clock is with you? are you already or still awake? Hailey Smith: i wanna go to bed very soon i just wanna talk to you a little bit good baby and you saticula: ok my sweet :) that's no problem going to sleep now. please write to me if you do wake up. until then I wish you a good night sleep well and dream something nice. Hailey Smith: okay baby bye for now mmuah thanks baby bye Hailey Smith: good moning Andy saticula: hey :) Hailey Smith: how was your night baby just wanna good morning to you saticula: good morning havo u sleep good? no i have worked Hailey Smith: yea i slept well baby okay so how was the work going baby saticula: and what did you dream about beautiful? :) very good I work my way into photoshp cs6 Hailey Smith: is that where you work Andy are you there Andy saticula: yes my telephone Hailey Smith: okay i will love to meet you baby so we can have a nice time together saticula: yeah i also Hailey Smith: really but you never show you wish saticula: my sweet I think we have time :) yes we know we learn such as tick and see what happens my sweet I think we have time :) yes we know we learn such as tick and see what happens Hailey Smith: okay but i am telling you my mind Andy seriously Hailey Smith: are you there or your busy let me know okay? what are you doing now oh okay baby have you eaten now ?? lol, okay baby nothing baby not yet its just morning here okay baby its 9.35am Hailey Smith: what time are you now ??? okay baby Hailey Smith: lol, i formally worked at clinic. but i quit when my salary was not been paid i told ou it is a small clinic and i wasnt been paid for 4 weeks yeah an auxiliary nurse but not working for now yeah i tried but im not satisfy with most offers thats why i wanna get out of california okay baby thats really a nice place i wish i can come and work there too because i hate someone without work you hope but you dont want me to right okay i need to buy some stuffs in the house i have nothing now and nobody is ready to help am just confused to buy food stuffs baby and i wanna buy another ipod or phone to stay connected baby thats all i need for now. Hailey Smith: hello Andy are you there saticula: yeah hi welcome back Hailey Smith: how are yu today saticula: fine :) and u? Hailey Smith: im good baby so how was your day been saticula: super :) was rain but i trained head and body what did you do today? Hailey Smith: nothing much just go to pay a friend a visit if i can see anything from her but no good luck from her now im home feel like talking btonyou hre talking to you here saticula: jes i was toilet sorry Hailey Smith: okay baby saticula: :) ok moment i must realize Hailey Smith: what? saticula: ok and this friend has debt with you? Hailey Smith: no maybe she could help me Andy i have nothing in the house saticula: ah ok yes that i had understand i mean a other person Hailey Smith: no one else saticula: I did not quite understand that you're talking about the same person ....... is it really as bad as the one finds no friends? Hailey Smith: no she has nothing too shes also managing with her 3 kids no husband to catr for them again divorced baby saticula: here the people are friendly and want to not only take advantage of one .... there is also but if you pay attention this been going. most fit and are careful Hailey Smith: okay baby how much can you help me with Andy i dont mind baby am starving saticula: is not beautiful: (always bad .... the children suffer the most Hailey Smith: yea saticula: comes to what you want to do it very much. Hailey Smith: what do you mean i dont get that saticula: I'll send you tomorrow morning as soon as the banks open have a few dollars you do not have to go hungry I think. you need me to tell only your data. if you do not want to do on facebook my email addy and as we continue onward we must once entertained a little longer. whether there are any feelings. apart from facts to be clarified. Hailey Smith: okay thats the truth do you have your family with you tere saticula: no you said yes because it gives no work where you are. I work in the government, although the City of Munich as a worker but I have more rights than others. that means me no one can so easily terminate Hailey Smith: oh okay saticula: only my sister is younger but has its own problems :) with my mother I do not speak and all others are in Austria. unless they visit you to go I see the rare. but I have with whom I have a lot of fun here in munich many good friends Hailey Smith: ho that sounds so cool saticula: one of this is a dj ........ can listen ..... with him I have a lot of fun ..... Hailey Smith: i will do that later my ipod is not working fine now saticula: no problem :) u need a phone ore ipod to hear musik? Hailey Smith: okay baby i will love to buy a phone saticula: u see anyone ? Hailey Smith: what saticula: I mean you point that you'd you like to buy? Hailey Smith: yea i priced one today saticula: ok which one? Hailey Smith: it is LG Gpro2 i found saticula: ok 299? here in munich its a nice handy Hailey Smith: do you like it baby so how much do you wanna send for me Andy saticula: i only use iphone if one is caught times :) easy to use .... as it should be ..... but i think handy is handy ...... to make phone calls and comunicate :) Hailey Smith: oh okay saticula: tomorow morning i look to bank I have to see for yourself just what it gives as LG Gpro2 has in any case a technical edge. therefore already better so intresant .... I think it's not bad definitely not very expensive. what it costs when you Hailey Smith: name......Regina mcjunkin/ country... USA/ state and city.... Easley south carolina. and zip code.......29640 saticula: money is the greatest evil ever in this world .... a medium. for the purpose ..... me has never been important money. Hailey Smith: i dont get what you are saying saticula: you're not a poet? :) are you romantic? I wanted to say is that money corrupts the character. Unfortunately, far too many of. why I say that. but to blame the politicians and lobbyists have control and rich people our world. we are merely their animals. the'm very hurt that I could not help you more quickly

Status of report:  is still without proof

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