First name: Linder
Last name: Pride
Age: 27
Location: Nigeria
Address: Lagos
On websites: Unknown
Report:     I investigate this chick with the UNICEF on the.web and also if there's a scam to it. I was shock after seeing this site. I've been talking to her for 5 months. Have sent her support 4 times about $1135 in total. I last sent her 120 yesterday and that she promise to fly home to the us states. Bc of her I'm getting economical crises and she needs to pay me back soon. Her name is Linder Pride 27 works as a nurse for UNICEF. She's at Nigeria getting my $$$$.$$ at a western union there. I don't know if she is really a scammer or a real person I will like you to investigate. She told me she will get the money on Monday tomorrow this march 10. Hopely you guys investigate her.maybe she is real maybe she's a bad person I don't know. Hopely I'm wrong. I met her on badoo dating website she told me to cancel it and have sent me her email. And we talk from there. When I came to this site I read everything that is the same words this person is telling me like her likes, her dad died, she works at UNICEF, she needs $ for food. I was really shocked to see this. I never had sent $$ to unknown people before. So now I learn my lesson. Well karma has to come back to them sooner or later.
Status of report: is still without proof