First name: Teresa
Last name: Adams
Aka: Jenny Cox
Age: 37
Location: Usa, Moreno Valley
Report:     Yesterday morning I received a call from Riverside sheriff's department. My 87 year old father was scammed by Teresa Adams & Tim Lee. aka Jenny Cox & Something Berry. They are from Moreno Valley, Ca.. I will know more info after they are done with the police report. Will try and get pictures of these 2 to post. Tim Lee is still on the run. They conned my father out of 20k. She also talked my dad into buying a 2010 $50k Corvette. She was arrested and she bailed out of jail with cash. Probably with the 12K cash my dad gave them. I'm telling you all this so you can watch over your elderly parent. Please share this. I want the world to know about these 2 two. I know for a fact Teresa Adams did this before to a 81 year old man out in Hemet, Ca. I'm sure she will do it again.
Status of report: is still without proof