Scam report about Olga Tarasevych

First name:  Olga
Last name:  Tarasevych
Aka:  Olia Olga
Age:  24
Location:  Ukraine, Poltava
Address:  Govt Neve 46
On websites:
Report:  Talk for about a week and feel hard for her. She is smooth and can get you to fall for her quick. chatted, letters etc.. But would never let me know her last name. So I sent some money by Western Union and she wanted it in her so called mother name. She also would never give me her phone number. So once I sent her the $680 she called and gave me email address and wanted mine. She wanted my phone number but would not give me her's. I start doing so research and have a friend that can help that works for the Government and low and behold he sob story is different. She actually lives in Jupitor Florida and has a jib there so I was sending money for her mother to send back to her. Crazy how these women can get us. I was lucky enough to find out in time to stop the wire money but I spend about $800.00 on the site just for her and then a couple of hundred fir the phone call thru the service. She acted like she did not speak English but can speak it very well after all. I wasted a grand on her and almost more because I would have continued to send to take care of her but something just was not right when I got no phone or last name. I got most of it from my friend but the rest was on Facebook with the same pictures and giving here employer,etc...

Status of report:  is still without proof

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