Scam report about Shirley Williams

First name:  Shirley
Last name:  Williams
Aka:  Joycelyn Peterson
Age:  29 -33
Location:  Ghana- Kumasi
Address:  234001
On websites:  Mate 1
Report:  I met this woman online through Mate 1. After that we moved over to Yahoo chat. Well it did not take to long before she was asking for money for food and money for bills. during that year she was asking for money for a new bed and phones for her and her grandmother who she said she lived with. then I received an email from this bank Officer telling me she had an inheritance and as her husband I was suppose to pay $1700.00 so he could give us her money. Well I could not get that kind of money in time so she lost her inheritance. But it never stopped her from asking me for money. I was really getting tired of this routine and one day I got upset with her on the issue of money. I told if I had a box of money I would it to her but then I would leave so I would not have to put up with her again. And I have been happy ever since.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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