Scam report about Mariya 

First name:  Mariya
Age:  27
Location:  Oryol, Russia
Report:  06/09/13 Hi, my clear sun Mart! Sweetheart in the amount of 497 euro includes everything needed for my flight to thee is:1) medical insurance.2) airline tickets.3) The registration of my documents.4) tourist visa. Mart I do not want and would not when I lie to you.I really want to fly to you and I am writing to you just what I'm told employees travel company.I was in a different travel company and learned about how much money they take for my flight to Europe or the USA, they called in the amount of not much more than 497 euro times their prices were between 1100$ and above. This is the cheapest tourist office that I could find.Fly to Germany, I would be very expensive, I do not even know how much it will cost. When my girlfriend was flying there, then she paid something around 1300$ or 1350$, that something like that. I did not understand Mart where would you like that would happen is our first meeting?What shall I say of the tourist office? To which country they were preparing my documents? My heart is happy it is in the cradle of the most delicate hands, and it likes. He likes a clean, bright, not demanding love. He does not need anything except the opportunity to be with your loved ones.And it is necessary for me ... to be with you Mart, to feel the warmth of your body, the tenderness of your hands, feel your stupefying odor, melt in your arms, to feel the taste of your kisses. I had a need to go to sleep and wake up next to you, caress you, and you realize that the nice thing is what I do. I like to relax with the thought of you and gratefully accept the happiness that you you give me. You're the dearest person in my life.And I love you very much and looking forward to the moment when we are together. With love in your loving Mariya 06/11/13 Hello my dear Mart! I am pleased to write to you again my answer your letters and I'm looking forward to reading them with great interest. Dear Mart I want to be everywhere and always with you. I want to rejoice with you when you're doing well, sad when something does not work, feel need a man in your life. My dear so that I could fly to you I have to pay 497 euro travel agency employees. I asked you to help me because for me it is a very large sum of money and I do not find it the most. I hope you do not mind helping me, and you're ready to send me money for my documents? Yes Mart in my country currency is really Rubbles, but I wrote to you in euro in order that you would make this clear. Mart I could not understand your question, and on this I did not answer you on them in my previous letter. The only question I get is about my phone, I never took it out of the repair. I did not go there no longer is the time and I do not know whether he is ready now or not yet. Take it from there I do not have any desire, because I do not think about it now. You are a very good light, good that happened to me in my whole life.

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