First name: Rukaya
Last name: Yussif
Age: 33
Location: Wenchi, Ghana
On websites: Skype and yahoo
Report:     I do not know if she is a scammer, but there is something fishy about this whole affair: I have just forwarded money to a person in Wenchi called Rukaya Yussif - in order for her to cash the money she had to use another person's ID, the name of that person is Mohammed Reba. The money I send to Rukaya was send to Reba and they went to bank in the Wenchi area to pick up the money? First Rukaya tried to make me use the name Mohammed Sadi, a person whom she lives with. When I found that name on a scammers list I rejected to send to this person? I may have been naive - I met Rukaya on Skype and she told me she has to pay each month 200 US dollars for the internet. I send her 100 US $ to help her out. Another thing she told me was that she had to pay a tax for collecting the money. Which does not seem to me quite right?
Status of report: is still without proof