First name: Kelly
Last name: Ventley
Age: 32
Location: texas, america
On websites:
Report:     Hello Am Kelly Ventley, 32years old with no kids, Am from Texas....I really need a soul mate and a life partner that i can spend the rest of my life with for a serious relationship that leads to anywhere...I need a man that i can share my heart, mind, body and soul with for the rest of my life......i have always been faithful in my relationship and I am young and intelligent lady to the core. I am loving, caring, very nice, honest, trustworthy, Adventurous/Wild, Sensitive, Humorous, Intellectually sound, asocial Butterfly, Open-Minded, Sophisticated, Easygoing, Prayerful, Practical, Spontaneous, Romantic, Friendly, Responsible and some of my friends do say that I am a down to earth person. I am understanding and to say it all a lady with a good sense of humor. I see myself as the unfortunate one with the guys i ever dated.....Because i guess i need to get settled and plan for a real sound Relationship......i guess i need to share these facts with you, because you sound so nice, good, serious and faithful and i guess that is all i demand from a man...I hate
Status of report: is still without proof