Scam report about Mary Cynthia Nelson

First name:  Mary
Last name:  Cynthia Nelson
Aka:  Cynthsaint
Age:  20 March 1987
Location:  Larry Saint Private Hospital Cotonou Benin Republic
Address:  # 77 Fast Egabon
Phone:  Hospital Cellphone: 0022996824128
Email:, and.
On websites:
Report:  Dear Sirs and Madams, I would like to request kindly to get facts about a Lady named: Mary Cynthia Nelson Living in Republic of Benin who wanted to come to Nepal to get married in July 2013 that we kniw from February 2013 and still have contacts to each other that she has received several times Money transfers and 3 e tickets to fly to Nepal but she ever has some excuses that Hospital she us supposed to be admitted did not accept the Health Insurance Coverage that I had insured her. She has send me several Health Reports, X- rays and Doctor Reports which are not to be as she could be seen in Webcam nor her explaination that her broken Leg, Wrist and Shoulder bones to be heeled in less than half a year with herbal treatments in West African Benin. Everything by now seem to me too very fake and untrust worthy. Her Agents are: Mr. Kelvin Kofo Mr. Kelly APILINE Bith are given as Foctors on Larry Saint Hospital Akinjinde Buhari Jelili for Money transfer in Western Union Benin and Nigeria No. 234 Badagary Express Way Lagos Marry was supposed to be admitted in hospital in 02 March 2012 but fake documents was sent dating 02 March 2013 at 12:24 PM admission no: 235388 In her US Passport date of birth was 20 May 1987 and possibly works with Miss. Roseline Kafy Cellphone : 000234703692304 partly at the same hospital. Told that she studied in London at Kings College Florance Nightingale School of Nurshing and Midwifery that she was taken from London to Benin without Passport or any Id and Money as PA of Dr. Joseph Bacter Cellphone: 00447045717765 that she lived in London with a man named Ernest In B 118 Bethnal Green Old Fird Rd. London E2 9LP Cellphone 00447024083812 Fathers name: Bright Nelson Date of Birth: 29 August 1964 Mothers name: Cynthia Nelson Date of Birth: 12 July 1960 In 7355 VictoriaWeeki Wachee Florida 34613 USA She owns two US Passorts with same Passport Numbers but different date of Birth and different pictures from Andi Pink and Josie Model by niw also to be seen as Eugenia Nelson Scammer from Accre Ghana. Her present Cellphone no. is: 002347015198746 I have registered trusting her to get married and to go to Germany to start a new life but she is now telling me last 3 days back that she is hospitalised again under Ulcer having no proper food and money to buy food etc. I would be very much greatfull to receive facts about her why she is doing this to me. Hope in hearing from you soon. Sincerely Pravin Raj-Vaidya

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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