Scam report about Jessica Carter

First name:  Jessica
Last name:  Carter
Age:  36
Location:  Switzerland, England, America, Germany
Email:  jessicacarter734
On websites:
Report:  [she wrote me:] Thank you for your nice message and I'm really happy to hear from you, I'll be grateful to know is a pleasure to meet you and to give me time to tell you much about me, as I have already Said I now do my work and service in Ghana, I am sure you know afican this country and I have my service ready in a month time.I am the only daughter of my parents and to ADOPTED child, I am mixed race and I know Because my parents did were white from America and Germany, I am willing to relocate to Germany, Because did is the country I never heard of dream to live the rest of my life, after my service and I have no children.I have been married love reading, gardening and traveling.Fairly creative, very determined.I how to entertain, and I love cooking.I enjoy art and music, but more classic jazz, R & B and opera. I am now looking for someone to understand my life and willing to share life with me, I know the right and noble man is hard, all over the world now so did is why I have the record, without feeling simply put to find any mistakes. I am so serious and sometimes busy with work, I hope you understand what I have written here, I send you a photo of me and I will like to have a photo of you. Enjoy the evening and I hope to hear from you ...... Bye Jessica [my reply:] Dear Jessica, nice of you to write. You are in the military service and getting out soon, or what service are you talking about? Your description sounds great, your expectations in a man reasonable, so I see no hindrance there. You look very sweet on the photos. However, I have seen very similar pictures before, from a Petra in England, so I am doubtful if you are who who claim to be. Are you hiding behind someone else's photos? That is hardly fair to me, nor to yourself. Be upright and integer, covering and pretending does not bring us further. Unless, of course P. is the naughty one.... Take care, Chris THEN she stopped writing.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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