Scam report about Thiva Kanapathy

First name:  Thiva
Last name:  Kanapathy
Age:  approximately 43 years
Location:  Melbourne Australia
On websites:  Oasis
Report:  This woman has scammed me out of $50,000 AUD . I met her online about July 2013 , she was just a penfriend , but she was on Oasis when we met . She was quite open and easy to talk to . She advised she was going from Victoria to Malaysia to finalise her father's estate , and to pick up the proceeds of her Inheritance . I kept in contact with her and after a month , she advised she had her inheritance , and was returning to Australia . She advised me she had a gift of money for me , and that Eqexlogistics in Erskine NSW would be incontact to arrange delivery of the funds . The Courier did indeed contact me , and arranged for delivery of this package . Everytime the package was about to be delivered , they advised I would need to pay for [a] a clearance certificate , Insurance Certificater , and Tax Certificate , of which bogus copies were sent to me , to provide some sort of proof they were genuine , [ they were fraudulant copies , at a cost of nearly $50,000 . Now Ms Kanapathy knows I have run our of funds , she has stopped contact !!!!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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