Scam report about Natalia Sokolova

First name:  Natalia
Last name:  Sokolova
Aka:  Natasha, Natysya,
Age:  42
Location:  Russia, Yoshkar Ola
Address:  424031
Phone:  9177010070
On websites:,,
Report:  After two year of dating we were married . Soon after she said she was on poverty and needed money for a loan from Oleg mother. She ask me to send her 20,000 rubes every month. She did not want to do the immigration papers but only the visitor application. I came to see her in her city and she was holding armes with Oleg Girshevish. They have a business on new and old clothing . Located on Panfilova 22, she needed money for her rent but the parents said that they own it , there is no rent . I found her on multiple dating site . , after our marriage she got ring and Erastus and computers, . Our marriag was never consummated . She started to insult me . She was not happy that I came to see her at her flat . She said on Sunday she want to rest but she was walking with Oleg together. Her man is Oleg runanovich Girchevish from Gagarin street. Natalia Nikolaevna Sokolova from Osipenko street 17, of Yoshkar Ola is a marriage scammer. She only love Oleg but uses marriage to avoid the law . If you know her on tact yoshkar ola police , special k division. A case against her is now being done . If you need more inoffensive subject line sokolova. But I have hired a lawyer in her city also the special k division , russian police are acting. All gifts she sell for money. They both work together . They know each other since her divorce from her husband . On my arrival I saw them together, alo I hired a man to follow them and found that they are together every day . Also every night on Skype an game site to talk. Now after I gave her money and gift and a trip she now want a divorce. She will not immigrat. She did not want me to live in her city . All she wanted was money every month . She was a teach for 15 years making 11,400 rubles and hild support . This is the average salary in Russia If you know her don't send money , report her to the russian special k division of yoshkar ola.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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